Announcing Basic Plus Listings


We are excited to announce the new Basic Plus listing.

The Basic Plus listing works similar to the Basic listing. The primary difference is that you also have the ability to submit your Basic Plus listings to any relevant naming contest for the full selling price.

Basic Plus includes all features of Basic Listing, PLUS:

  • The ability to submit your names to hundreds of naming contests every month on You will receive the greater of the contest award amount or the standard Basic Plus commission.
  • Squadhelp Commission: 25% of selling price or $400 (whichever is greater)

For example, let’s say you have added a Basic Plus listing with a selling price of $2000. You will be able to submit that name to any relevant naming contest. If the contest holder purchases the name for $2000, you will receive 75% of the selling price ($1500).

Additionally, we will soon begin phasing out Owned Domains, which will be replaced by the Basic listing. This will allow us to further secure the integrity of our platform while ensuring a seamless experience for Contest Holder by confirming domain ownership before allowing names to be submitted into a contest.


How should we handle this with names we already have on My Owned Domains? I know we need to point them over to SH… anything else? Will we need to submit them to Basic first or will they just move on over there?
Thanks! I love all the options!


i hope the basic listing plus minimum price is at least $599 not $3999
nor $1599 or $1199, so easier for CH to choose our names in contests. Some CH may not choose our names due to limitation of their budgets

edit : basic listing plus


like if they open contest for $100 prize, maybe rarely they choose names which have high cost.


The main thing that’s preventing me from using Basic Listings and now Basic Plus too is the fact that I have to point the nameservers to Squadhelp. These are non-exclusive listings, I’m allowed to list the domains elsewhere, but I’m being forced to make Squadhelp the landing page. Since I use landing pages that allow me to capture leads directly and not pay commission to anyone- having to point the nameservers to SH, basically giving them direct leads I would otherwise get, is unappealing to me. Other non-exclusive marketplaces give people the option to point the nameservers to them, not enforce it. I understand why SH is doing it, especially due to the submission to contests element, but it’s a big obstacle for me.

Also, there’s still the whole search issue so at the moment Basic and Basic Plus Listings can only be searched for if the searcher follows a certain path and then too- the results are mixed in with the Premium listings. It’s a mess and all these Basic listings have reduced exposure. So for me, at least for now, I don’t see the benefit of using Basic or Basic Plus Listings and I’m sticking only to Premium listings.


FX, the minimum for BL is $750… which I find problematic right now…because of SH’s minimum commission (deleted bcs I forgot we aren’t supposed to say…) , I would like to see $350 minimum. Sometimes, you even want to make that decision!

Edit for FX: But, you can list them for $750 and put them on sale for less.


oooo ic so for basic listing, in contests ch wont pay more for the domains right? i mean in the long run its good cause more accessible therefore can keep the cash flow pumping.


I am struggling with this, too. Right now, I am pointing everything to SH but keeping my other listings (Afternic and Godaddy)… and my web site. Juggling this has been difficult to navigate, particularly because I have done so much work on these names already. HOWEVER, Moretal, SH is getting a lot more traffic than others so I personally feel it is worth it.


Yes, for regular basic… contest prize. For Basic Plus, the higher of the two.


Thanks @commulinks. I’m sure SH gets a lot of traffic, but its marketplace is only a part of the site, it’s still a work in progress and has to prove it can sell a lot of names on a consistent basis (and not just in the low $XXXX range). Some marketplaces provide huge exposure across multiple platforms via a network of sites the domains are listed at so the exposure is bigger than what one site can provide.

In order to point a domain’s nameservers to a site- I need to be convinced that the exposure the domain is getting is worth the site’s commission because potential buyers will often get to the landing page even if they saw the domain listed elsewhere- so pointing the nameservers to a site gives it leads from other sites and also direct traffic in case someone thought of the name and wanted to see what’s there. At the moment, I find that pointing the Nameservers to SH is worth it for some of the Premium listings. For Basic and Basic Plus Listings which can’t be searched for properly… I’m not convinced at the moment so I can’t give SH this “half exclusivity” by pointing the nameservers here.


Where do we find these options at? I am probably missing something really obvious, a little too sleepy to be trying to understand things at the moment lol.


Thanks @grant

I upgraded one as a test.

  1. Still not showing in the marketplace so marketplace wise, there is no benefit for us?

  2. The ‘remove listing’ button has disappeared.

  3. I have ‘basic’ listings that do not have any options to upgrade to Basic Plus or Premium.

  4. Can basic and basic plus names be added to our portfolio totals please?

In the FAQS “Squadhelp team offers a complimentary logo design for premium listings. However this offering is not available for Basic or Basic Plus Listings.” Actually, I can live without a logo. The landing page looks OK and I understand the resource issue.

@moretal I’ve moved a couple of hundred basic names over, they are getting next to no exposure in the marketplace (many still have zero views!) so they are not being seen by CHs. I was going to add are few thousand but I’m a bit torn now knowing they are not getting promotion.


@ablebrands From the moment Basic Listings were announced I just didn’t see the benefit in them in their current structure since they require making SH the landing page. Basic Plus didn’t change that.

The commission has to be justified by something. At the moment, I don’t think the incentive is there with the Basics. The ability to pitch them in contests alone isn’t appealing enough for me to give up 15% or 25%. It requires me to actively work and spend time on it and then also give up a commission- which is the opposite of what I want to do with landing pages. Though I do pitch Premium Listings in contests- they also get the passive exposure and the promotion so they justify having the nameservers pointed to SH. Basic Listings have no effective way to search through them at the moment and they aren’t being promoted so this “half exclusivity” that funnels potential leads to SH doesn’t seem worth it. If things change and the incentive will be there- I might get on board later.


Its a good feature in the progressive direction.

Just one thing.

I still feel contest holders should select if they are open to premium domains - YES or NO. If they select NO, then only free to register names and Basic Listing names should be submitted. If they Select YES, then Basic Plus and Premium can be submitted. Its just a waste of time and experience for contest holders to see premium domains if they dont have the budget. And also waste of time and possible negative ratings for Creatives to submit premium domains. This might put all the creatives and CH in same page if the contest is open to marketplace domains.



I think basic would be worth it if there were more exposure or if we could enter the names into contests for the marketplace price. I’m not seeing the benefits of moving here as it is on the few hundred names I’ve moved over already.

Basic Plus is not for me. It costs more than a registrar marketplace listing that has lower commission and much better exposure.


Which options are you asking about, Lynn? Do you mean the Basic, Basic Plus and Premium? Those are in the marketplace dashboard when you enter a name to the marketplace, you have to choose where you are entering it.

Or are you talking about what happens with contest prizes? I’d have to dig for that… Grant has talked about it here before, too.


I noticed that the “Premium Domain” indicator has vanished from the contest briefs, if I remember well it has something to do with the final price of the winning Premium Domain submitted to the contest. But since it’s now gone (and I can still submit Premium Domain names to just about any contest), how do I know if, lets say I submit my Premium Domain from SHMP and I win it, will I get just get the contest price and forfeit my commission, or will I get the commission?

Right now, when I hover my mouse pointer on my (Premium Domain) entry, it only says “if chosen, well be at discounted price” or something like that (I removed the entry already just in case), this part seems kind of disturbing because, at what discount? Hopefully not a super huge unwanted surprise discount?


I personally think there are now too many options for domains being sold. It seems a bit complex having 3 different classes of domains. This could be quite confusing for a potential buyer.

I think there should be curated premium domains and basic domains (with no approvals needed) on two completely separate pages.

One advertised as SH hand-picked curated domains (with all the extras - logo, audience testing, etc) and the other as creative-owned domains (instead of basic, as that could diminish their quality to a potential buyer)

Instead of asking if they’re open to premium domains, which can be confusing, offer a budget scale that would allow domains for sale to be entered, rather they’re premium or basic. If they don’t indicate a budget, you can enter premium or basic domains for the prize amount only.

Keep it simple.


That is exactly what I was trying to figure out - Thank you so much! I was expecting to see something near my “owned domains” that gave me the option of adding them to Basic/Basic plus etc. So I was quite confused lol :slight_smile:


@Grant @Darpan Just a thought- I think SH should run ideas by creatives first to get their input and then based on that decide on launching or not launching new features or finalizing the specifics of new features. Things used to be more like that and I think it’s a better work process that takes creatives’ input into account. Thanks for the consideration.