Announcing: Ability to communicate with Logo Designers

We are pleased to announce the ability for sellers and Logo designers to communicate with each other. We believe this change will significantly improve the quality of the Logo Designs.

Go to “My Logo Designs” section from your Marketplace menu. On this page you can rate the Logos as well as share any feedback that will allow the designers to improve the Logo Designs.

We encourage rating as many Logo Designs as possible. When Logo Designers achieve high ratings, they receive special benefits such as increased limits and early access. In addition, we will soon be announcing additional bonus payments to reward our top rated designers.

​Please continue to share your feedback on how we can further improve our platform


How wonderful this is!!! Thank you!


Thanks a lot for listening to our feedback!


That’s a great feature @grant, Thanks! Does this mean that logos designed many months ago can also be requested to be redesigned??

Thank you @grant for this…This will be very helpful…Also I think most of the sellers need to know that “asking for a redesign” is different from “initiating a redesign request”. Now just because you asked for a new design without a redesign request doesn’t mean we are obligated to do it… Some sellers asks for a new design with full authority like we work for them which is sometimes really upsetting.

Am surprised SH have done this. Some members have been unbelievably and publicly rude about logos that I consider to be average or OK, certainly not dreadful. Hope this works out and the logo designers don’t end up being bullied.


The possibility of that is slim in a professional environment. The logo designers are providing a service and should be adequately compensated when they directly affect the sale of a domain name. You might not realize this but the logo makes a big difference to the saleability of a domain name. Only those stuck with bad renditions on dozens of their premium names will understand this. is an example where SH on their own changed a bad logo to something that compliments the name excellently. Within a few weeks it had 100+ shortlists and is often a hot domain for me. I hope they continue to improve this system and also encourage the designers by giving them a good reward (minimum $100 IMHO) when a domain they designed the logo for sells. This way it will be a sure win win.


Thank you @grant

Also only few improve moments and fix:

  1. When a seller sends a message, the designer receives an email and notifications do not appear on the site, such as when evaluating a logo. It would be great to be able to set this up manually for convenience (email or website notifications).

  2. In the letter, when the message arrives in the mail from the seller, there is a button “View message and respond”, but it can not be clicked. This need to be fixed.

  3. When sending a message to the seller in the chat, the page is updated every time, it would be great to start a chat in real time, for example how it is implemented in messengers, rather than waiting for a new updated page with each new message (Facebook, etc.)

  4. In the section “My completed logos” for some reason all created logos disappeared (only a small number of the last created ones are available, although yesterday they were all. And now, when the seller evaluates the logo, I can not find this domain in search for read seller feedback and reupload logo. This need to be fixed.

  5. It is possible when opening a general chat (list) to visually add where there are read messages (as it is implemented in messengers), and where new and not yet read messages came from sellers, then it will be easier to control and see the general situation, because now everything is the same.

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Thanks Grant. This is great information. If we are unable to get the logo changed, is it possible to have the lifestyle image show up before the logo as the landing page? This could eliminate a problem if we are not able to change the logo.


@grant Can you please confirm that this open communication is for “NEW” logos only - going forward.

I’m hoping creatives cant now “go back” and send messages regarding the hundreds of logos we have already designed and been uploaded. This would cause a major headache for a designer.

I feel there should be a time frame that a creative needs to offer this feedback/communication (say 7 days) from a logistics point of view, I have hundreds of folders on my desktop and they get filed away after the client is happy with the logo. We cant have creatives communicating about a logo “3 months” down the track wanting a change etc.

I’m excited to see how this new feature goes and I’ll offer my feedback in due course :slight_smile:

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@grant While I’m happy that the new messaging system will help in creating better logo designs, for domain classifiers, things just got worse. I’m a classifier and I must say it’s as if nothing new ever happens in there. We get quite a number of domains everyday that do not make any sense yet we have to write descriptions that will attract buyers and ultimately help it sell especially with nothing to go on with except our own thinking which might be different from what the owner had in mind. For instance, I’ve had to rewrite and reclassify a number of domains which received low ratings for no obvious reasons. When we rewrite, we’re just taking another guess which might also be a “Miss” for the owner. I think some improvements should be made in the classifying market, not just RESTRICTIONS because most times when we are restricted it doesn’t change anything we still have little or nothing to go on with information-wise.


I’m optimistic this will be a positive change for us all. I got a message regarding one of the logos that had been uploaded with a white background. I thought the designer had ignored my request, but apparently my logo instructions were not immediately visible, hence the design issue. I always enter the logo instructions immediately after publishing a domain, so if there is a delay that’s an issue that can be fixed. As for classifications, I understand where @Promann is coming from. Different writers have different styles, and for only a $1 or $2 per assignment, I hope classifiers won’t feel pressured to keep rewriting the same descriptions. No one can please everyone all the time.


Anyone know if we can send a tip to a logo designer? I blue buttoned this but haven’t received a reply yet. I think the excellent logo of one of my marketplace names deserves an extra thank you.


Got my answer for anyone else wondering!. Yes you can tip a logo designer, you just have to initiate through the blue button chat.


The logos are arriving in good time but once you have one you are stuck with it. No ability to vote or change the non premium logos on one’s own marketplace. No ability to rate the text comments that have been purchased either… but the emails and alerts for those are working overtime.

Complementary logo redesigns not really working. Have just contacted support for the 3rd time in 2 months. Have requested some redesigns but nothing happening there yet.

I would pay a few bucks for a redesign if there was a way to initiate it.