Anniversary Day

I just realized today is my 1 year anniversary with SH. Woo hoo!
I’ve taken small breaks,especially the last few months…but overall have worked really hard and consistently at this.

I feel proud to have hung in and kept at naming for a whole year now. I know it doesn’t come close to Jackie and some of the others in length of time… but it’s been a pretty good ride so far.

I even was awarded a contest today…so that was pretty cool!

(Hey…do I get an anniversary badge? lol!)


Congrats. All the best going forward.


Congrats Holly–Happy Squadiversary!!! You have done well, 26 wins in your first year (plus splits). Name on!!!


Congrats! : ) It’s great to see you back in the game!

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Congratulation… :smiley: :smiley: … Woo Hoooooooo

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Congrats, Holly! :wink:

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Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for continued naming success!

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Today is my first Squadhelp anniversary! It’s been really great with lots of ups and downs, too. Just like all anniversaries, LOL.


@Commulinks Wooh-hoo, Congrats! Glad you’re here~ Today’s my first day back in the forums in about 5 months. I think they forgot about me, lol…because I thought it was always 60 days.Ah well, it’s good to be back and congrats on your 1 year here!!! Keep up the great work~

Kral!!! Welcome back!!! So good to “see” you!!!

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@hollygirl Happy Anniversary!

Grant, it was actually my anniversary this time but I used an old string because it existed.

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@Commulinks Happy 1 Year and here’s to continued success on SH!

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Happy Anniversary! Commulinks! :birthday:

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Happy Anniversary @Commulinks

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This post is 10 days old already…My how time fly’s when one is remodeling a kitchen. lol.
Congrats again @Commulinks, I think you’re a huge asset to the SH Community, glad you’re here, and I wish you much continued Success! :sunglasses:

Oh man, Kral, good luck on the remodel. We did our whole house 2 years ago. Yikes, a lot of work! But it does pay off.


This is coming in late …but am sure it still counts …Happy Anniversary @Commulinks …one of the best Creatives we ve got …And most friendly creative i know so far…keep up the good work, am always inspired by it. :grinning:


Awe, @WHAYASAY, thank you so very much. What a wonderful thing to say. I appreciate that and feel the same about you.