An Unfortunate Misunderstanding


I am just learning this game - but I’ve been the victim of a misunderstanding this week.

As a newbie, I’m restricted to five entries per competition. For a particular contest I submitted two entries, one of which was marked as on the right track. I submitted three further entries. Before they were assessed I got a message from the contest holder saying please submit more ideas. I replied to say that I had already submitted three, and unless he liked one of those I would be unable to submit more, because of the 5 entry limit.

What happened next - he marked one of those suggestions as on the right track, then he must have read the message and taken it that I was trying to wheedle him into liking one of my ideas. So now he’s downgraded both of the right track suggestions to no thank you.

I think his petty minded attitude might have cost him the name he wants.
What do you think?


@crabfoot The reply you received on your right track entry is a standard reply. Also, contest holders downgrade entries all the time. In order to save yourself from being blocked from contests, I would go read the handbook for creatives. It outlines what you can and cannot say to a Contest Holder and here in the message boards. Contest Holders are in the boards too.


That’s right, “on the right track” is a generic message CHs often send to multiple entries, don’t take it as a personal message. And I must agree with @LisaMac that you should do some reading, it’s easy getting in sticky situations if you don’t know all the rules.