An unexpected win with a misfit name

I’m sure you know what I mean when I say we all have those names that reside on the Island of Misfit Names.

You know, the ones that you came up with for oddly-specific contests like “Name my line of one-legged pants” or “Looking for a name for a combination hat shop/eating disorder clinic; must have the initials T. C.” They might have been perfect for the brief, but are useless for anything else on this planet.

I just won a contest using one of those leftovers, submitted on a whim because it kinda-sorta worked.

There is hope for all names!


You’re too funny, @geniuswaitress! I can’t wait to see the name!


ROFL this is great, this literally made me laugh out loud and now my roommate is looking at me like I lost it and I brought up a particular name of mine that really really is a misfit name that actually got a love by the respective CH and was even shortlisted, and I told her since that one didn’t win I’m going to try to find one where it halfway works and I gave the scenario of it being the hat shop/eating disorder clinic or an even more bizarre one that it would actually kinda fit and now she’s crying. She laughed only for three seconds and broke into tears as I was listing the weird things it would fit but none of them are going to come along. I would say it here, I wish I could, and then you ALL would understand. It really is an off the wall name but it was 350% fitting to that particular contest. It literally would only fit that contest. Hmm, @geniuswaitress, maybe I should just pass it along to you and you find that fitting contest to submit it to and we split the profit LMAO. Too funny! Thank you for giving us hope, it may not work for that particular misfit name of mine, but gives me hope for a few others.

@LauraE I’m on board with you, I want to see this name. I am sure it is impressive given this context. Congrats, @geniuswaitress, you definitely deserve it for the ingenuity of making it fit.


Your sense of humor just totally slays me, @geniuswaitress. I’m happy you won with a misfit.