Ampersand (&) in non-domain entry fields

Would it be possible to have the ability to submit the “&” character in “non-domain” entry fields? Some of the modern name styles such as “Joss & Main” or “Mutts & Co” are hard to aesthetically display without this ability. ie., “JossAndMain” or “MuttsAndCo” in the company “name” field may not be illustrating the name’s full potential to the CH?


Hi, if you first type the name either in excel or word then copy paste the same in the required entry field, it will work.

But, yes , the option can be introduced in the entry field itself.

@mauryamannsingh, you are a smart Mann, thank you.

You are welcome:-)


@CherryPopNames, good feedback. We will add this option in the non domain entry field.


maybe the @ sign would also be needed… and the hashtag sign which I dont seem to have on my computer lol, its a British keyboard with spanish/american settings so most of the unusual keys are in different places to where they say they are

Wow Dan, that was quick, you make it feel like Christmas morning all over again :smile: Thanks…

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