American vocabulary question


hi friends! I wonder about two names that often win and whose meaning I do not understand at all!:roll_eyes: (I am French and google does not say everything!)These are Fifth (who wins regularly), and Avrio.If a nice participant could inform me about this linguistic enigma,:stuck_out_tongue: I would be happy!Thank you!:fu:


@MAGKO Avrio is a Greek word.


Fifth, I believe represents high end. Like fifth avenue here in NYC


Just in response to your emoji @MAGKO I know its supposed to be a thumbs up :+1: But you gave us the wrong finger! :joy: OH So funny! I needed that today!
Thanks Magko! :fu:


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Lol lol @Alphaomega808 and @MAGKO
Great topic and I agree it made my night seeing the finger up thingy :grinning::grinning:


oh lol didnt even know you could do that, I so want to do that.


It might have different meaning in French :smiley:


oulala! I did not see, I thought it was a thumbs up!
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I can tell you that this is not a problem of French, but rather a problem of glasses!:sunglasses:
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Thanck you, LisaMac!


Thanck you NelmaG, it is really interesting!


Thank you @MAGKO and @Alphaomega808. I have laughed so so much it’s made my day. Laughter surely is the best medicine. Have a happy day you all…and thanks to SquadHelp for this awesome forum :sunglasses: