Am I the only one with this glitch?

I already blue buttoned this,but I wanted to know from fellow creatives if this is a general glitch on the site: are you also charged for domain renewals that have their renewal dates in summer (or in other period in the future)?

The same happened to me yesterday.


Happens sometimes, they fix it when you report.


The first of every month, I notice that my Account has a minus $10 Marketplace balance posted - Not sure what’s going on? :thinking:

Me too…I thought I missed a registration, but it does happen too much…hmm…

I have transactions that say $10 has deducted, but when you look at the balance only $5 was actually deducted, plus 500 points. The records are a mess.


In order to eliminate any issues with the renewals for SH domains, we have made some updates to simplify this process. Going forward, the renewals will be handled based upon your account level preferences (that you can select from your Seller Preferences section). Unfortunately choosing different options for different domains leads to issues, especially for domains that have been renewed for multiple years. This change will ensure that the system will always pick your preferred renewal option based upon your account settings.

If you have noticed any recent domain renewals that were not based on these preferences, please contact us via Blue button and we will get it corrected.


@Grant I think that is a great solution, but the way transactions are being recorded still has something wrong. I feel like I can’t accurately track what is happening with renewals.


Thank you, @grant, I have 2 questions:

  1. I see some things changed in the dashboard, you can’t choose different renewal options for different domains anymore (how it was on the listings page), now you can set the same option for all domains on the Seller Preferences page? So, I need to track renewal dates in advance in order to choose the correct option?

For example domain has the renewal date in the upcoming month and I dont want to pay anything, I choose the last “do not pay” option…and when the next domain has to be renewed, I quickly choose the other preferences for them to apply for that specific domain? (pay 10$ fee or pay 5$ fee and 500 points)

I am in a big fog right now.

  1. another question, on the seller preferences page on the renewal preference section, it says “Note: you can still override your preference for specific domains by choosing an appropriate renewal option directly from your Marketplace listings page”

…how can I do this? since those renewal options prior to this change disappeared? Now you can only see the commission you are receiving, without those options. (when you click on the Terms on the listings page)

There were 3 options to choose for every domain: pay for renewal, choose a reduced commission and dont pay, and let the domain expire or something. I am asking about SH owned domains now.


so we can’t choose options on each one anymore? Yikes!


@grant, when will this issue/glitch be solved, please? I havent received an update yet. I verified the expiration date on the domains I am being charged for, and the renewal stayed the same, they all expire in 2020. Of course, as I said, its an error, cuz some of them should be renewed in the summer,but, still…How can I be charged for renewals that…dont actually renew?


I had a situation when the default was $ 5 and 500 points, but the system withdrew $ 10 for domain renewal. Turning to the blue button has not solved this problem so far.


Am new here , ever since i registered on this platform am unable to participate in the contest , whenever i click on a contest assign to me its say tier A can only participate in the contest. so i will like to know if this platform is free or not . Its painful when i see others making money and i cant .

Hi Niyispage
Welcome. If you look at the active contests link you will see all the contests. Not all are Tier A only. Yes this platform is free unless your planning on owning domains yourself. Tier A contests just means the contest holder wants creatives with a proven track record. also a Tier A contest doesnt always stay a tier A contest. Sometimes the contest holder will open it up to everyone after a day or two.

Tier A status allows you to participate in contests that are only open to Tier A creatives. This status is only offered to select few creatives who have demonstrated a consistent pattern of high quality submissions.
There are 4 ways to become eligible for Tier A status:

Method 1: If you have won at least 1 contest during the last 6 months and your percentile score (based upon CH ratings) is 80% or above.

Method 2: If you have won at least 3 contests during the last 6 months and your percentile score (based upon CH ratings) is 60% or above.

Method 3: If you have been with Squadhelp for at least 30 days and your percentile score
is 85% or above.

Method 4: If you have received 20 or more lifetime wins at Squadhelp

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Am I the only one with this glitch?: My green faces (likes) are not showing up? I BlueButtoned the issue because I want them to show. I find them motivating.

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Everything is blue for me… But not on my I Pad…

Huh, I’m on a Chomebook…wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I don’t know about green faces, but all my "no thank you"s look just like that :smiley:
on PC

Lol…I’d rather my ‘no thank you’s’ looked like that! I want to see my ‘likes’ again - it’s been a while.

Hi @BrandCamp
I checked mine b/c I am on a ChromeBook also.
My faces are all lit up as they normally are.No glitch here,although a glitch with all happy green faces would be most welcome;)