Am I missing something?


I do not understand the popularity of multiple wins with " Fifth" something or another. What does in mean,other than it being related to the number 5? I don’ t understand why people keep using it over and over,and why so many CH’s choose it. Can someone enlighten me,please? I am totally in the dark,I guess.


You forgot to mention ‘Avrio’ :0)
Where I live, there is a saying “Why does a cart need a fifth wheel?” Therefore, I also do not understand the hype about the word fifth


I could be wrong but I think “fifth” symbolizes high class and style and is inspired by the famous fifth avenue in New York. If I’m mistaken I apologize but I think this is the case


Avrio is a Greek word for tomorrow so it could have something to do with looking toward the future. I could be wrong. Its a guess.


It’s not a mistake. I know well what it means on Greek. But SH is not a Greek site, I don’t understand the trends specifically for these words. For me personally, avrio sounds like a every(o), which diminishes the dignity of the name. We live in a large multinational world and are open to name in all languages. It is this thought that I am trying to convey.


I agree on the sound of the word (reminds me of the word average) which is why I’m not a big fan of it. However some clients seem to care more about the meanings behind words instead of the word itself. I’ve also seen clients specifically ask for words with Latin and Greek origins if the word has a positive meaning. I don’t understand the sudden trend of these words being chosen so often so I guess I’m in the same boat as you. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


Thanks Jackieheraty, you explained it far better than I could :slightly_smiling_face:


An experienced creative can unleash any number. For example,

The number 3 represents a lot of things …

Three is the number of the Trinity
Three symbolizes a person’s age: childhood, maturity and old age.
Three axes are the dimension of our space.
The number three symbolizes wisdom (for example, the third eye).
Three characterizes the family mom-dad-child
Pythagoras counted the number three as a symbol of harmony, and Aristotle considered it complete (for those who love everything Greek)
The Earth is the third planet from the Sun (And if you are a fan of the theory of flat earth, then the Earth rests on three whales)

and much more … what I now could not immediately remember
: 0)


I think it might also be due to the fact that fifth doesn’t rhyme with much, and is less likely to be misheard. Third has lots of rhymes, some rather negative ones, in fact. And other numerical words have caveats. Second implies not quite as good, fourth can be easily misspelled, sixth is harder to pronounce…etc.


I plead the Fifth! Lmao, I don’t understand a lot of winning entries, never mind I can’t even pronounce them. I have to Google them to see what it means! But, Congrats to all the winners on this site!


Now that you’ve given such a detailed and fertile explanation,Jackie, that clarifies so much…I probably have opened a can of worms by asking,as now everyone and their brother( who weren’t already doing it in every contest ) will be using Fifth in their entries! Aargh! I apologize in advance…lol!


Even those who did not know the true meaning of the word have long been offering it. :0)


OK, I removed so as not to incite a Fifth riot. Lol!


jackieheraty: That ship has sailed months ago :slight_smile: I personally love names created around “Fifth & Something”. ALDaisy1 pointed out some good reasons for it, too. And as miyvex58 said, some names are really not easy to pronounce (usually not the ‘‘fifth’’ ones, but others). Beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer after all. One client of mine has chosen, from a very, very extended list, the name Beak Boss for it’s parrot accessories. Seemed a fun idea when it popped in my head, as ‘‘beak’’ spells almost identically with ‘‘big’’ and I was playing around this image of our pets turning into our bosses, as we try to please them and do anything they want. Not sure how that works out for it’s Italian company, though. I can only imagine how hard is to use the name into a conversation or point a customer to the website.


I feel like I am missing something frequently. LOL.


Don’t mean to hijack the original post here, but didn’t necessarily want to start a new one for my little question. Does anyone know if we are allowed to ask a CH if they would think about guaranteeing a contest. From past experience I usually avoid the non guaranteed ones, but have won at least one in my past few years here. Thanks!


It is against our messaging policy for a Creative to ask a Contest Holder to Guarantee their contest.


I thought the title of this string suited my question which is not related to Holly’s but still… am I missing something? What happened to ratings? I just went through a bunch of contests I entered and many have no ratings at all while others have a few. Is something happening? What’d I miss?


That is good to clarify…because I blue buttoned that question a bit ago,and was told if I asked in a respectful way and didnt demand or pressure them,it was ok.


Hi @Commulinks - We are not noticing any issues. If there is something specific you’d like us to look into, please contact us via the Blue Button.