Alternatives to WhoIs info in reporting and protecting our submitted names

Are there other ways other than reporting a domain registration from WHOIs when a submitted name is registered on a contest? Can SquadHelp take a look and factor in the actual website that was set up after the reported domain registration for a contest, and a website that appears quite similar if not totally similar to the description from the contest?

I am frequently hearing back from my BB query, that the “Whois information doesn’t match the CH info”, so therefore the report is closed…So I am just wondering is the CH able to work around the reported registration so that their info doesn’t match the info given to SH which is why the WhoIs info doesn’t match?

If the contest holder can work around WhoIs, then will SquadHelp consider looking at the actual site that was created with the reported domain name? Also, will SH consider looking at the owners name on the website who may happen to have the same initials as the Contest Holder?

This is happening way too often, that I have to ask what other tools does the Creative and SH have in their arsenal, to protect the domain registrations from a contest?


That is a very good and valid question. I have seen where a name was bought and the CH even had the website up and running but I was told no, we have no proof. Seems to me a screen shot of the website would be proof enough. How does this happen?


The answer we’ve always gotten was…the only protection you have is to register the name yourself. If it is not a registered name, then it unfortunately doesnt belong to you either.
If the information that the CH used to open their contest doesnt match the info on the domain registration, you have no recourse.

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