Alternative Baking Recipes

Hello, all!

I enjoy writing, but I’ve a sweet tooth. I’ve gotten into alternative baking to shave calories and make foods healthier. Is anyone doing the same? I’d love to hear your favorite recipes!

One of my faves is protein peanut butter cookies. All it needs is peanut butter, a sweetener, and an egg. I made a protein version with peanut butter, sweetened protein powder, and an egg as well. It was unexpectedly delicious!


Hi @SeeSmith ,

I use to make wholesome muffins that I thought were good and didn’t need sugar. Instead of sugar, I would soak raisins or dates in liquid to make a fructose, and used that. That was like 25 yrs ago, and I don’t remember the recipe anymore. I’ll try to find it.


That’s great! Finding alternative sweetening methods has always been the hardest part of baking for me. I know there are a lot of substitutes out there, but I like to try to keep as natural as possible.

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