All the new avatars!

I didn’t realize how used I was to people’s avatars. Now that so many have changed them…I don’t recognize anyone anymore. It’s like we have a whole squad of new creatives! Lol!


I know, I didn’t even recognize my own…when I was looking on the trending board for a certain contest I was watching, I was like DANG…I guess someone else won…then finally found my new avatar and it’s still pending…will definitely take some time to get used to… for myself and all the other one’s that changed.


hahaha yes. a whole NovoSquad :smile:


I changed mine and I don’t even recognize myself anymore. :smile:


I didn’t change mine. I will, though if SH asks me to.

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You don’t need to change yours @auntshommy…you created your own. I wasn’t sure where I got my old one from so I changed it. If you created it, you don’t need to worry about license stuff. You are free to keep yours.


I miss mine Already…ve gotten so used to it …lol even @lightless looks Different


Hollygirl? I remember when you came on board a few years ago? I think I was here before you… I don’t know … But I’ve always had some kind of Bear avatar ( a cartoon or caricature bear) …but now… lol … I can no longer use a Boyd’s bear or Pooh Bear or what have you… lol … scruffy though IS how it’ll be in appearance… ’ cause, hey, that is POOH I am!! ~~ :smiley: ~~!! ( a nod to the clever/witty/punny right there~ ) … I have to leave periodically but always seem to find my way back to squadhelp! I enjoy partcipating…and enjoy the professionalism and camaraderie…

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