All entries gone (resolved)

I want to check if this happened to anyone else and what the outcome was since I am quite nervous about it.
This morning I tried to log in to SH but I got “invalid email” message. Same when I went to “Forgot password”. Anyways, after blue-buttoning it my account was restored in little over an hour but it was blank. Zero entries. Both from active and completed contests. You know what that means, right? Current shortlists - gone. Domain registration reports - gone. Practically all the work from previous years on SH - gone.
Blue-buttoned it again and still waiting to see what will happen. I will update this topic with the outcome but to be honest I’m not optimistic at all.

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Oh my God…
This must be resolved. All hard work restored.
There’s no logic for it all to disappear.

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Just noticed that on my public profile all info regarding contests is also gone. Zero wins, zero money earned. So all my work on this platform since 2015 deleted… Hope they get everything back, I don’t know what to do if they don’t.

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You have an image next to your name in this forum that you didn’t have before.

Are you sure you don’t have two accounts and you’ve signed into the old one you never use?

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That’s the image I used recently on SH, it changed in forum today, haven’t even noticed until you said it :slight_smile: got bored of dollar sign (it’s actually first letters of my name if you look closely, A and S). And no, I don’t have two accounts, that’s against policy and probably impossible since you have to verify account when you open it, if I remember correctly (it was a long time ago)

Look how they massacred my boy


Ohhhh, I know where that quote is from, Avram - My all-time favorite movie :sunglasses:

Hope you get all of your information back - That’s horrible. :fearful:


All back to normal! So if this happens to anyone else, don’t panic, SH support is the best.




What a RELIEF!!! Wooo hoooo!!!