All company names ok to submit?


When I am submitting a company name that can be different from the domain, any company name I type in says “ok to submit”. So how does that work? Is the Domain Name what its all about?


Galaxi, the “OK to submit” message is only about the fact that the SH system checks to see if that name has already been submitted to the contest or has already won in another contest. It isn’t related to the domain name. It’s just telling you that it cleared the system check for the contest and previous winners.


oh ok, thank you =] Is it all about the domain name then? What if the company name is already taken?(i.e. Target)


Well, no, not really. I’m not sure what you mean by it’s all about the domain. SH does not help us/check to see if a company name is already taken (like target) in the world. The system is only checking against names submitted in the contest and past winners. It is up to creatives to not submit names that are well-known brands. The CH also needs to check trademarks on subbed names to determine what he/she can choose.


Ah ha, thank you for helping me to understand. Is there an easy way for Creatives to check trademarks so we don’t waste everyones time submitting a company name that is already taken?


Here’s a few:


Each country has their own, too.


sweet, thanx for all your help =]