AI submissions and Percentile rank

Hi. I don’t submit to contests, but I have tried using the AI “good fit” suggestions. As I have done this my percentile rank was affected. That don’t seem right. I stopped doing these submissions because of that.


I agree @Next_Venture


These AI based recommendations aren’t working well.
I wrote about it here: How Would You Improve The Site? (Cont'd)

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I was thinking about the same thing the other day. They don’t work seeing all the “no thank you” ratings so far. Also I was hoping these recommendations won’t hurt the ratings so thanks for the heads up @Next_Venture.

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No thank you’s are fine with me as long as there is general progress, but if I get to pay for the AI:s lack of targeting, I’ll pass. @grant

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@Next_Venture Thanks for the feedback. The AI recommendations are still a Beta feature. While they can be on-target in many cases, it is certainly possible that they may completely miss the mark in other instances.

We will continue to make further changes to improve these recommendations. However, if most sellers are not find them too helpful, we can consider removing this feature.

@grant Idea for you to concider: instead of removing the feature, can you enable the AI bot to post the entry on our behalf without us having to submit it? That way if it is a hit and sells, everyone wins; and if it is a miss, we are not penalized in our rankings. I have yet to sell a premium domain although I have 60 in my list, so I want all the exposure I can get that will help lead to a sale. However, every time I have listened to the AI recommendation thus far and enter, I get another no thank you rating and my rank has been steadily declining a percentage point every week or so. It is frustrating.

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I don’t really want entries submitted automatically, because in my experience the recommendations are only good a small percentage of the time. I do like the feature, because it brings possible matches to my attention, but I still want to read the contests and judge for myself. So maybe an opt in or out, if your idea is implemented.


The AI recommendations all read “may” be a good fit. To me that means I still need to read the contest brief and messages and evaluate whether it actually is a good fit, then choose to enter it or not.

Having an AI bot post entries seems like it might add to the overwhelm on some contests. However having an option for each CH to click a link that would show them an AI bot produced list of possible marketplace matches seems like it could be a good option.


I agree that the AI suggestions should be separate as it would look cool as a section the CH can look at separately instead of adding to the possibly overwhelming list of submissions. It could also be a marketable point for the SH contests @grant :smiley: You could name your AI algo something along the lines of Alexa or Siri so it is fun for the CH to go through “her/his” suggestions.

We already have a separate section in contest dashboard that shows AI Based Recommendations from our Marketplace to Contest Holders. These recommendations change over time, based on how the CH is rating entries received in contest.

However we still find that submitting highly relevant names directly to the contest provides the best exposure because many CH’s spend majority of their time in reviewing the submitted entries (they do not spend as much time in exploring other sections).

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My issue is only that relaying AI suggestions should not affect Percentile Rank.


Hi @Grant, I agree with @Next_Venture - I’ve started submitting fewer of my MarketPlace domains since noticing a dip in my percentile score.It should not effect your score since the majority of the time the CH is probably saying no simply because of the cost associated with it. However, I have won a contest with one of my marketplace names so I would like this function to be kept up…just not with the associated risk of losing in my percentile :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d like to take it further and suggest that any marketplace submission (whether our own or other peoples) not affect our score, since as @CreativeCookie said they could be voted down due to the price, not the name.

I’m sure there are many creatives that choose not to submit marketplace names because of this.


Absolutely agree! Especially for those who have the right to submit only one premium domain and any ‘No. thanks’ degrades its rating to a critical level. We are already limited in the amount of premium domains - someone can submit one, someone two, and someone three domains for the contest. Therefore, the deterioration of the percentile due to the submission of premium domains I consider unacceptable


Thanks for the ongoing feedback related to this topic. It is a great outcome for everyone when premium names are purchased via contests.

However we must balance that with the risk of overwhelming the CH with too many premium submissions, which might increase the likelihood of contest abandonment. Therefore, including them in the percentile calculation allows us to ensure that only highly relevant premium names are being submitted to contests.

As a background, the percentile score is not affected by “No Thank You” ratings. It is based upon high ratings received in a contests in comparison to total entries submitted across those contests.

If you receive a “No, Thank you” rating, or no rating at all, it has the same outcome when it comes to percentile score calculation.


Grant, You write that ‘No thanks’ for regular entries does not affect the percentile, this only applies to premium domains. But we can’t overload the CH in any way, because we are limited in the number of entries, and some of us can’t submit more than one premium domain in contest. Maybe team should exclude all No thanks from the percentile algorithm and limit the number of submitted premium domains for every creative egardless of the rating? Otherwise, it comes to absurdity - I cannot submit even one premium domain, fearing to slip to the very bottom, but my domains generously offered by other creatives.