AI-Generated Description

AI-Generated Description was free hours ago, now each requires 25 points :cry:

But other than that, it is indeed a very helpful update to creatives


It makes the site more interactive. The points are worth something now, we’ve all been building them up without being able to ‘spend’ them. It effectively makes us doing something to acculumate more points too, it’s a clever move :slight_smile:

I think the AI-Generated Descriptions are fabulous! Maybe a little long, and I only say that because when the CH has thousands to read it’s going to be difficult for them.


I used an AI generated description yesterday for the first time. Also I tried out a few more as samples. Wow, I was really impressed (I hadn’t expected to be). But I do agree that they tend to be quite wordy, and even verging into “purple prose” at times. I did a quick edit which I think made it more readable, but I will absolutely use them again.


No reason to use 25 points when you can just ask ChatGPT to do this for you for free.


Oh, I just noticed about the 25 points thing. I used the AI descriptions yesterday (first time) and there was no charge or points. This must have come in literally overnight. Darn… Interesting about the ChatGPT suggestion!


They’re just pulling from the OpenAI API. ChatGPT (also OpenAI) is based on the same language model…

That is indeed interesting. I don’t mind too much about using 25 points per time (not sure what else to do with the points…). BUT, if SH is going to deduct points then I would like it to be at the point that I actually hit the Submit button and not just as soon as the description is generated. I said earlier that I had been quite impressed with the AI generated descriptions. That’s most of them, not all of them. A couple were nonsensical garbage and wouldn’t work for the name I was submitting, so I just deleted them and wrote my own description. Under this new points system it looks like I would be paying for something I’m not using.


May I ask what ChatGPT and OpenAI Api means? :sweat_smile:

Maybe SH can allow 3-5 free AI-Generated Descriptions per contest???

I edit them just a tad. Some are redundant, but overall super impressed and it does a far better job than I can.


ChatGPT - Wikipedia


I love this novelty! It’s a huge time saver. I use it for contests of 300 or more! great idea!

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I’m still continuing to try out the generated AI descriptions for contest submissions. With the dozen or so I’ve done so far, I’ll say they are still impressing me. But be prepared to edit them down a bit as they can be quite wordy and occasionally redundant and repetitive. Do read them through first before hitting that Submit button, as I have been caught a couple of times by slightly odd word choice. Describing my submitted name as “the perfect moniker for your business” is not exactly how I would have put it, as I consider “moniker” to be a fairly slang term. Still, the AI descriptions are still a really interesting addition by SH.


Another interesting (well, to me at any rate) fact about SH’s use of AI generated descriptions, is that there are no points charged if you submit a Premium SH listed name to a contest. In the last week I submitted to a contest one of my SH listed Premium names and one from another owner. In both instances, the description field was now blank (unlike previously where the SH listing description automatically uploaded into the contest submission). I could either write a contest-specific description myself or use an AI generated one with no points deducted.