After-contest URL

Hi, I’ve been working pretty hard here these last two weeks, and I was just scrolling through, and one of my suggested URLs seems to no longer be available. Now, I didn’t win the contest, but the domain is gone.

Does this happen a lot? Is THIS a good reason to buy the good domains?


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Poetess: Look up the domain registration on Who Is because a LOT of the time, it is not the contest holder who registered it and make sure you report it to SH. I used to get so frustrated by this but honestly after looking at my registered domains it is clear that it isn’t the CHs who are doing this for the most part. Buying domains is good if you are really convinced that your name is really that special, but do some research first on buying domains.

I basically move on from this because out of my many registered domains, I have only been paid for a couple and I can see the domains weren’t registered by the CH.