After Contest Ends: The Four Weeks thing


I know this topic was discussed before, and I believe it was something you and your team were going to look into…

Four weeks seems a long time to give a Client the opportunity to pick a name…How about two weeks?


Some CHs really need more than a few days because they meet as a team, or there were an unusual number of entries, For example, the
“PanicaTax” CH spends a long time choosing winners. It used to be 2 months. I think 1 month is a good compromise.


Yeah I think one guy even had had his students “grade” names so a month is good

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And they need to do due diligence on availability, trademark etc…


…or not as the case may be lol

So true in some cases, but they should have the time to do so if they are truly trying to avoid any issues in the future. We have seen many contests where the CH is here because a name they were using was trademarked, or they got a cease and desist, or whatever and need a new name. That’s why many say they don’t want a “reversed” name of an existing name already out there (but they get a ton anyway).


A positive point of reducing from 4 weeks to say 2 or 3 is they maybe more willing to be proactive during the contest. Rate more, and be more active in general. At the moment it seems a number of CHs waiting till the end and see what they have and make a decision after we have stabbed in the dark for 6 days.


I got a 5 rating after a contest ended yesterday, talk about rubbing it in