Advice? RE: Score Going Down

My score has gone down a bit–I’m wondering if anyone’s had this slow them down? I may have gotten a little overzealous the last couple of days in submissions. It’s hard when you are really feeling excited by a particular contest but the CH isn’t feeling your style.

I’m wondering how newer creatives balance their submissions so they keep their score level, while still submitting enough for it to be rewarding. When you’re newer, you’re still learning how to submit viable entries (esp if you don’t have a degree in marketing, etc) so it can feel like a lot of pressure to keep your score competitive.

Thanks so much for any feedback. : )

Hi Scout,
Here’s a few things:

  1. You need to participate in a lot of different contests because each of the CHs are very different.
  2. Try submitting a few names then wait to see how they respond. Go back and try something different. For example, try some names that are very straightforward plus some names that are made-up words, for example. Try to figure out what the CH is looking for because so many of the briefs are too brief.
  3. Quality, which should be #1 on this list I suppose, matters a lot.
  4. Go back and look at your names compared to the winning names. I keep track. I also keep track of names that I had “loves” on because it tells me something, especially if I didn’t win.

All that said, my score has stayed pretty much the same for a very long time. One day, I got so excited because everyone was loving my names. My score did not change. Over the next few days, I lost all the love. A bunch of my names went from love to no thanks. I was crushed! And my score with CH ratings is very different than my win score.

By the way, I also look at the stats on CH ratings on every contest. Sometimes, CHs are loving everyone and sometimes they are No thankyouing everyone. I look at that before I enter a contest and I pull back on those who are rejecting everything. I’ll try a couple and wait for the orange faces and give up on CHs who give no feedback and just No Thanks everything.

I hope that helps!


This is great Feedback. I agree I need to move on quicker— do you guys ever feel stubborn when you aren’t able to hover over the “target” on a contest you feel passionate about? Haha, it’s really you against your ego a little. I will definitely take what you said into account-- I really appreciate this. Thanks! : )

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LOL, Scout! Yes! I do feel that way! Until I see the winning name.

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@ScoutFinch Keep in mind, your stats are based on your overall ratings in each particular contest compared to the other ratings in that same contest, not the overall stats you receive from all contests you enter combined!! This means you can make a loose assumption of the risk you take if given a low rating!

Commulinks made some great points and I agree with all of them, but when you feel like you got some good ideas but are scared to submit them because you fear your stats will drop and you’ll be penalized, take a look at the overall ratings! If the majority of ratings in that particular contest are low, you have little to no risk in submitting ideas you think are worthy.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


OH!!! Okay— thank you. This is a game-changer. Because I was feeling kind of timid about moving forward. This is good to know. : )

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Hmm… ScoutFinch, keep your game up i believe you will soon be amazed by what you’ve acheived…i got on this plartform around may2016 and have been an active member since june…it was a rough and unencouraging Start with Tons of (no Thank you)…but i started discovering myself around August…i was greatly Motivated when Ricojuave sent me a pm…about how greatly have become…that he belives if i continue at that pace i will be at the top of the leaderboard at some point…and here i am today, tho am not at the top of the leaderboard yet, am really amazed by how much have achieved this month especially when it comes to competing with worldClass Creatives such as you and many more…So keep it up.


This is really encouraging. I’ve so impressed with your winning submissions-- Well done! I will keep at it. I appreciate the words of wisdom. <333

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