Advice for a Newbie?

Hello! I am new to SquadHelp and the contest format of naming. (But not a newbie to marketing/communications!)
I have been having a lot of fun with this, but I have not had much luck.

Have you noticed if CHs tend to pick names you submit very early? Or do you have better luck with late entry names? I quickly learned that after a few days, the CHs tend to narrow down what they actually want, and add/delete criteria. My thought was that I should save my best stuff until the end when I can be sure the contest hasn’t changed, BUT when I’ve tried this and waited until closer to the end of the contest, none of my stuff gets rated (or seen, I am guessing).

Does the timing matter at all? Any advice on this topic? Thanks to all!

Welcome, EFBurns! They seem to rate when they first open the contest, as for choosing that name depends on the CH. Some never come back and others stick around. I think if you have a really great name get it in ASAP . Timing in my opinion doesn’t matter except maybe for ratings but than a good rating when other names have been ignored might get you a win! Now that I have totally confused you, Good Luck!!


Thanks Tammy, that was very helpful!

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I agree with Tammy. You want to check in at intervals. Some CHs are really good at communicating what they want. Some think they do and then completely change their minds. Still others give us ideas and then choose a winner that’s completely the opposite of what they said they wanted. Or conversely: tell us NOT to use something and then either rate it high or select it as the winner. Finally: some CHs tell us exactly what name they want AND pick it as the winner! There’s a contestant or two that will personally vouch for that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: