Additions to Squadhelp? :)

Hello, @grant, @Darpan and creatives!
My name is Isabel and I’m thrilled to be here!

Yesterday, I was thinking about how I really wanted to work full time, from home, doing what I love the most: music. Also, I haven’t been as much as an active user on SH as I wanted to be but, the truth is, I am always making music. So, something came to mind and here is my idea:

Many businesses are always looking for background music for their comercial, jingles for their brand, sound effects for their animated logos, etc. And which better company to make that happen? Squadhelp! Why won’t SH start offering businesses the oportunity to finally have music services? This is just a suggestion, hope you guys like the idea! :slight_smile:



That’s a great idea, @Isabel_Pizarro ! Hope it goes through


Thank you, @Porti! :slight_smile: I really hope so!

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