Additional Updates (July 21) - White Label Marketplace

Based upon the feedback from sellers in the Beta phase, we are pleased to announce several new features/ updates to the White Label Marketplace:

Seller Preferences:

  1. Extended Financing Terms: You can now add installment payment options for upto 24 months. You can also make this change for the entire account with one click from your Seller Preferences page.

  2. You can now add Make Offer button in addition to Buy It Now button on your domains. Previously you could do one or the other but now we have added the option for you to show both buttons.

  3. Make an Offer Thresholds: You can select the criteria when Make an Offer button will be visible. (For example, only show Make an Offer option for domains priced above $3000)

  4. Minimum Offer Amounts: You can also specify minimum offer amounts as a percentage of BIN price. For example, you can choose that buyers should not be able to submit an offer, if the offer price is less than 40% of selling price.

  5. Negotiation Preferences: You can specify the floor price criteria that allows SH to negotiate and offer discounts to buyer on your behalf. Remember, SH team interacts with buyers 24x7 via live chat on your behalf - therefore, giving limited permission to SH to offer discounts will allow us to close more sales in real time.

  6. We have added an Offer Center where you can see and respond to all your pending and recent offers.

Bulk Updates:

We have added the ability to make almost all changes on your domains in Bulk.

Simply select as many domains you like from your Domains List, and you can perform the following actions in Bulk:

  • Update Prices
  • Add or Change Installment Terms
  • Switch between BIN and Make Offer
  • Assign Categories
  • Add Discounts
  • Request Expert Classification
  • Request Logo Designs
  • Delete Domains

We hope these changes will offer significantly better ability to efficiently manage your portfolio, and test different selling strategies. Please continue to share any additional feedback to improve the experience


Grant, does this apply to marketplace names that are now part of white label that are basic or basic plus? If so, mine didn’t work.


Needs user input-able categories. Needed especially for larger portfolios. E.g. Lumping education domains together with staff training domains, when it could have been separated. There’s already “something else” as part of the categories available, so why not let users define that “something else”?

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