Additional Insights for "No Thank You" ratings

In order to further improve our rating system, and to allow additional feedback to our creatives, we have now added the ability for CHs to provide quick feedback on the No Thank You ratings.

This will provide additional insights (such as Name is Too long, Hard to spell, Difficult to pronounce, etc.) so that you can consider that feedback for future submissions. The CHs will be able to choose from a list of 7-8 options to provide this feedback.

This is not a mandatory step, but we will continue to optimize the feature to ensure that a large number of entries receive this feedback.


Can you make it so that these generic rating messages don’t appear in the message center mixed together with more detailed/personalized feedback? In the current manner, it will create too much clutter and make it harder to find more detailed/entry specific feedback.


Hey Grant, I just asked about this in another string… thanks for the post. Also, one of my entries went caflewy… I got the message like 8 times on one entry.

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This is interesting, and I like it, but worry that the choices may be a bit too generic and not offer too much insight but I suppose some is better than none in most cases. Thank you for this, truly, just wish we could inspire actual helpful personal feedback besides a list of generic one size fits all types.

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I agree - a lot of clutter going on with this new feature - along with flooding my email box. I look forward to personalized feedback, not generic, click of a button kind . . .


This has certainly increased the amount of feedback I’m getting, which is appreciated! But I agree with @lightless that it would be nice if these messages were not intermingled with more personalized feedback in my inbox. I would be ok if these automatic feedbacks just showed under the entries on the contest page.


[quote=“rareworthy, post:4, topic:2303”]
This is interesting, and I like it… I suppose some feedback is better than none in most cases.[/quote]
I agree, and I’ve actually found the feedback helpful - For example, one CH said my entry was “Too difficult to spell and pronounce,” so now I know he doesn’t want anything too out-of-the-box. :wink:


My experience with the insights, thus far, has me on the fence still. I still think something is better than nothing, but I still retain that the ‘generic’ feel of the insights aren’t helping much. Not only that but I have discovered that it seems many CHs aren’t as open to the style of names that they say they are. I keep getting so many ‘hard to spell’ insights even on names that are 6 or 7 letters on contests that say they are open to misspelled, combination, madeup, etc type of names. Isn’t that the purpose of these types of names – to be misspelled and not real words? I mean misspelled words and words that are combos or mashups are going to be more difficult to spell and not everything can be Uber. This is making me realize that maybe some CHs need help understanding how many types of brand names there are out there and what categories they fall into (descriptive, geographical, invented, founder, lexical, evocative, acronym, etc, etc) and how many of these include examples that are sometimes harder to say, read, spell. Real words, as I have even found in a few most recent entries are even being listed as difficult to spell and they are real words. Which brings me to want to suggest that we may need to find out more information from CHs on how open they really are and what exactly they have in mind and if they are truly wanting simple, short, real words – which are going to be hard for us to come up with for them.


Hi Everyone - Quick updated.

At this point, you will be seeing Additional Insights in your Activity Feed, as well on the entry itself. If you are still receiving any other notifications (e.g. in your message center or email) please report this using the blue button on any page of


I think I do like the insights. For sure I have learned some things! And, I’ve been able to ask questions about the insight, too, that CHs answer.

Quick question: Has everyone noticed only “no thank yous” with additional insights show in our activity feeds now? You have to check your submissions dashboard or the contest page itself to see “no thank yous” without an additional insight chosen. I did ask about this via the blue button and Squadhelp confirmed that’s the new way of doing things. Thoughts?


I really prefer it compared to receiving multiple emails and messages.

@Commulinks, yes, I don’t want all that either, but I do miss being able to look at my activity feed and get an accurate picture of how my day has gone.


-Sigh- I don’t like NTYs all around but at least being able to see them in my activity feed (regardless of whether they have feedback or not) allowed me to keep track of ALL my entries. Please bring this back, some of us like to keep track of all of our entries.

EDIT: I just think many don’t like all of the emails and such. Can we have both? No emails of additional insights but allow all NTYs (feedbacked or not) on activity feed, please?


I think I may be seeing something different than you @ALDaisy1 and @rareworthy, I’m looking under the bell. I see no thank yous and all my other ratings and under the no thank yous is the rating (very small). It looks the same in my feed except for that. But I must be missing something! Tell me more about what you mean…

@Commulinks If you go to the My Contests tab and click on the submission dashboard ( the one that just shows numbers of different ratings for each contest) you may have some no thank yous that don’t appear in your activity feed. Only the ones with the additional insight comments show in the feed now.

Oh, I didn’t realize that! Thanks for clarifying!

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@Grant. I’m still getting the No Thank You pop-ups with the unnecessary coordinating emails. Please fix this. I submitted to blue button last Friday and still getting, today, Tuesday. Pop-ups should be the happy stuff, the Likes, Loves, Wins. I don’t like No Thank You pop-ups. Seeing them in my activity feed is enough. :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch.

I also want to mention I am NOT getting pop-ups for Love Its or Shortlisted notices. Maybe because contest has closed, but would like to know via pop-up when an entry gets Shortlisted.


@Grant - I know this has been brought up already but I wanted to check in on this bug on No Thank You ratings. The only ones that are appearing in our notifications (the bell), are the ones with comments. We don’t know when we have gotten no thank yous with no additional insights. This is a problem, because we rely on the no thank yous in the notifications to tell us to go back to a contest and try again. Is the team working on fixing this?


@Grant I feel there should be an additional option in “No thank you” messages, “Too similar to competitors”.

This could be insightful and useful, considering contest holders reject names for being too similar to nearby businesses all the time.

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