Active CH not viewing entry?

So I entered a name about 2 days ago and the CH has been on several times since then and still has not seen my entry. What’s the deal?? It’s bothering me because I’ve been super busy and it’s pretty much the only contest I’ve focused on in like a week and now it’s closed, and while the CH is on several times a day (even right now lol) my entry is still unseen :confused:

All my previous entries to that contest have been promptly rated…what gives?

Any ideas? Other than not wanting to see more entries from me lol

I certainly don’t want to ask the CH to view my name!! Should I blue button? Is it blue button worthy?? lol I dunno…I just don’t want a winner chosen and my entry never viewed…


I’m sorry I have to laugh…reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld…“Are you sponge worthy?”


Maybe they have already chosen several favorites and have stopped looking…it does seem to happen that way sometimes. I’d probably just let it go.


Yeah I will. Its just weird for it not to be seen when they’re active. I’ve only seen this happen when the contest is abandoned. Oh well

I’m having the same thing happen to me, actually, wonder if it’s the same contest or not. On mine, it just closed as well and CH has seemed to be on and active and even rated some entries and yet mine have not been seen for five days. Makes no sense.

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I have noticed this a couple of times too, since yesterday. Not sure if they were then seen or not. I’d have to go back and recheck everything and haven’t had the time.

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Lol! Chasing one chicken for dinner! Aren’t we all ! Lol!
Don’t worry, it’s happening pretty often these days. A lot of hard work down the line , but out pays to just let it go and move on…