Account Restrictions

Hello people!

So, two months back my SH account was restricted on some grounds of inadvertent ‘misuse’.
I have BB’ed several times, they say that they don’t have an update and will let me know as and when.
What shall I do?
I cannot participate in contests or do expert classifications.
Guide me folks.


So sorry this happened to you, Nick! I don’t know the answer to your question but just want to offer support.


2 months is a really long time. I hope someone has an idea for you.


Have you tried calling SH to speak to someone who can actually give you an honest answer?


Thanks for offering support!!
All I know is that the matter is with SH’s legal and also that I just have to wait with uncertainty.



Can I CALL them?
Maybe call hits different. May try it.


Yes, trying to figure it out.

Hope is the only dope!


The number is (877) 355-3585. I’ve never called them, so I don’t know if it’s an automated messages or you can actually talk with a real person!


Thankyou so much! Appreciate the support.

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Our policies and platform features are in place to ensure a level playing field for all sellers/ creatives. Unfortunately in some cases it is necessary to restrict certain accounts due to one or more violations. The users are typically notified regarding those violations however in some cases we may not be able to provide an exact timeframe regarding if/ when those restrictions will be removed.

I totally get it that SH wants to ensure fairness and standardize a level playing field for all creatives as it should be.

But, as one puts system and policies into effect it has to be verified by the software team. Prices and discounts are run by codes and has to be verified for ALL cases. It was my intention to reduce prices as much as SH may allow. Because of the software code error I was allowed to put a certain discount. I feel UNJUST and consider being penalized because of a code error in discounts calculation or Google sheets.

If I put myself in SH’s place, I’d fix the error first with the engineer and acknowledge the glitch to the creative. In a long discussion with SH’s team regarding this issue, I never came across any code glitch acknowledgement.


I can see that warnings were sent regarding applying additional discounts via certain unconventional methods which would provide unfair advantage to your domains compared to other sellers. When these actions continued despite the warnings, additional restrictions were added to your account. We take the integrity of our platform very seriously, and will continue to take such actions to ensure a level playing field for all sellers.

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Grant, this is really sort of a side comment on this string but maybe not really. Some of us pay really close attention to how much attention our names are getting for the purpose of pricing them right so they will sell. We are severely restricted on discounts and on lowering prices on names where we feel they should be lowered. If we increase a price to $1999 or over, we are not able to “go back” and change it back (in most cases) to a previous price that we feel would be more suitable. We are able to increase prices by a lot, but not lower. Would SH reconsider this?


Grant, you’re totally right with the chain of events.

Considering in summary, I do feel that I was wrong on some level. Sincere apologies for the same and I shall not repeat anything like this in the future. If I come across any unconventional setting changes, I shall inform SH first and NOT make changes. Can I do anything to assure you that I won’t do this again?

SH freelancing is my second job and I really want to get back at it like before. I have tried very hard to reach moderate success levels here. Sincere apologies again. Please reconsider.