About to Expire Domain, What Happen?


Can anyone tell me if they’ve experienced this dilemma? What happens if we get a notice saying your domain xxxx is expiring in X amount of days,and you don’t want to renew it? The reason I ask is…some of these (about to expire) names are listed in my marketplace both Basic & Premium.


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Thank you…it does read clearer now.


I guess I don’t understand the question. You can choose the option not to re-new. Is this not what you are asking?



Hi @jackieheraty
What I mean is I’ve been getting notices from the website that I purchased my domains from.I am wondering what happens if I don’t renew since they are pointed to sh? Sorry for the confusion.


Aah, I see. I don’t have any of my personally owned names here. I would assume you just remove them from your listings here and once your names expire elsewhere they will no longer be assigned to any NS or DNS or whatever that is called. AbleBrands is the pro on these.


Thank you…and I would love to get @AbleBrands advice!!)


When you register a domain, you own it for a year. Around 10 months after you register it, you’ll will start to get notifications from the registrar you registered with to renew that name for another year.

Quick note here: There is a well known scam where you will receive an email from ‘unknown’ to renew your domain, they take your money and run. To be 100% certain you are actually renewing your name, log into your registrar to renew, never follow a link in an email.

If you choose not to renew the name after one year, the domain will “drop”. It does not fall back into the pool of available names immediately. There is a 30 day period where the domain has a status of “Registry Hold”. You may still see the domain in your account, however you’ll find that you cannot make changes to it and all hosting services will not work (it will not point to SH anymore). If you choose to renew at this point, you will incur a penalty charge (usually between $80-$150). If you still don’t renew it, it will be removed from your account.

After that, depending on the domain, and who you registered it with, the domain may move into an auction process prior to dropping. Many domainers pick up some great bargains here. If you are intending to drop the domain and then buy it again later to save yourself a few pennies, there is a very high chance it will get picked up by a domainer and you will lose it.

I hope that answered your question.


Yes,Thank you! I so appreciate you explaining how that works…the tip about the scam was extra helpful!! I also read on here seems like if we remove too many domains from here we risk penalties- does that sound accurate?


You can remove Basic / Basic Plus names without penalties. I too have read about removing Premium domains and receiving penalties but I don’t know what they are. If you are thinking about dropping a Premium name, it may be worth hitting the BB and asking beforehand.

If you don’t want to keep a Premium name, you could try selling it off cheap on the secondary market here.

Good luck!


Thanks…very helpful:)


Thank you@AbleBrands. Your selfless advice on this platform is very helpful to a lot of us. We are grateful


I had a self owned premium name expiring. It was listed as premium so I found from SH you need to message them to get it removed from site. They will remove as long as you give them notice (7 days I think). SH says there was no penalty BUT if it happens a few times within a certain period of time they may review and restrict ability to list further - or something like that. So if its a one off ,as long as you message them there shouldn’t be a problem.
Something as well along the lines of 'they invest heavily in listing domains - logo for name etc". So I understand why SH doesn’t prefer de-listing to many premium listed names.