Ability to upload your own logos to the Marketplace


We are pleased to announce the ability to upload your own logos for your premium domains listed in the Marketplace.

This is a Beta feature and requires pre-approval. Read more about this feature here:

In the future we may extend this feature to allow sellers to hire specific logo designers from our services marketplace.

​Thanks for all your support and ongoing feedback. Please continue to share how we can further improve our platform.


Great news! Thank you @grant :smiley:


I think this function is excellent.


Hi is it possible buyer ask for free to upgrade the logo from domain which they bought? maybe one time logo revise for domain purchase? @grant


Thank you for this
Feature :grinning:


Wonderful addition to the site! Any chance of extending this to Basic and Basic Plus listings?


@grant That’s great. What about winning submissions? I was told that those are picked randomly but, since some creatives have none, their names don’t get picked. Is there any possibility of doing something similar?


Speaking of this, how long does it take for the lifestyle image to be applied? I paid my coins a long time ago and I have yet to see my domain art changed.


Before someone else lke Grant can get back to you on this. Let me ask you a couple questions and let you in on something. It doesn’t mean that any of it will apply, it’s that it could and it may come in handy if that is the case.

So, when you’re on your ‘marketplace listings’ page and you’re looking at the list of all your domains, there is a column (vertical row) for ‘views’. In this column, under each name, it has your numerical view count, has a clickable option to ‘boost visibility’ and then has something that will either say ‘Add Lifestyle Image’ OR it will say ‘Lifestyle Image Added’. Which does yours say for the domain(s) in question?

If yours, for any of those you may be referencing, says ‘Lifestyle Image Added’ then the lifestyle image has ~probably~ been applied to your domain and domain page. There’s something that I should notate here, however. On the domain pages, when a lifestyle image has been added it is supposed to be on a revolving banner/gallery type or display that is timed – or at least it s supposed to be timed and/or it at least USED to be timed. The problem is, I’ve been noticing the past week that this seems to take forever to revolve if it revolves at all. I figured, as with most problems, to give it a few days to see if it’s because of overflow from other changes before reporting it. There is a ‘switch’ at the bottom (two white toggles) that can be clicked to switch between the logo and the lifestyle image. But, because they are white … on a white background … they’re not findable or practical. So it may just take awhile to cycle or be something you may be interested in BBing if any of this is the case.

If the images have not been added, however, then choose to ignore this. I only brought this up because the revolution is taking so long and you may not realize that one has even been added. :slight_smile:


Ok, that is interesting. I clicked on the name itself and I see what you are saying about rotating image. It’s not exactly the image I had imagined for this name but it’s there. I appreciate your explaining Rare :purple_heart: