Ability to Send Bonus to Logo Designers

Many sellers have requested the ability to send a bonus to a particular Logo Designer if the Designer went above and beyond in creating a great Logo for their domain or if they believe that the Logo design directly contributed to their domain sale.

We are pleased to announce the ability for sellers to send a Bonus to the Logo designers.

Simply click on “Send Bonus To Logo Designer” from your domain landing page. You can choose an amount and include a message that will be sent to the Logo Designer along with the bonus. You must have enough funds in your account balance to send the Bonus.

This option may not be available in all pages currently due to caching. However you should be able to see that option in most domain landing pages over the next few days.


@grant what of the ability to send bonus to domain classifications experts. As it stands only the designers get bonuses while the writers are stuck with $1 jobs. That’s too bad imho! Always try to level the playing field and stop giving priority to only the designers. They are not the only ones involved in the process of making domains look appealing to clients. I opened a thread voicing my concerns about how domain classifiers are being treated and till now you’ve said or done nothing about it. You can’t expect topnotch performance when there’s no incentive whatsoever!!


@grant The page you just shared doesn’t exist in the domain classifications sections. As it stands no improvements have been made whatsoever. Domain owners can’t communicate with the writers, neither can they send bonuses. I’ve bluebuttoned this issue many many times and it seems as if the team is deliberately keeping mute as regarding this matter.

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