Ability to EDIT Comments

Hey Grant, is there any way you could give us the ability to edit the Comments we leave for the Clients on the contest entry page as well as in the Messages area?

It’s rather frustrating when you hit enter, and then realize there is a typo or grammatical error that needs to be corrected, and you don’t have the ability to do so. :flushed:


You?? Grammatical errors??? I think not! Your English is pristine, Alwritey :smile:


Also, can’t edit when submitting entries…have to highlight whole thing and re-type or garbage it and start over. Not just comments, but entries as well.


@AlwriteyThen - We can build the feature. It may take a little time.

@jackieheraty - We do not allow the editing of entries as this can cause confusion between the CH and Creative.

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@Grant I am not talking about an entry that has already been submitted. I am talking about when I am typing the entry that I want to submit, see a typo and can’t hit the back button to change a letter. Or can’t just highlight the one letter and change just the letter…I have to overwrite the whole entry in order to change it. This is before hitting the “submit” entry button.


@jackieheraty - I just tested this on my end and cannot reproduce. Can you use the blue button on Squadhelp.com to chat with the support team about this issue. Let them know what devise you are using (desktop, tablet, phone) and what browser you’re using. A screenshot would also help.

We can get this over to the engineering team for you. Also let them know if this is a new issue or if it has been going on for a time. Thanks.

It happens to me too, Grant - I just noticed it 2 or 3 days ago, thought it was a temporary glitch, but every time I attempt to “backspace” or delete an entry (before I hit submit), I have to X out and start over.

Oh, and I’m using my laptop, by the way.