Abandoned contests question

I was wondering even if we don’t do best entries anymore…will we be notified when SH is choosing winners for abandoned contests, or will we just have to look in the contest file periodically and see what’s been done after the fact?

@hollygirl, the winners for these contests are announced in the new winners page. Additionally, you can also update your notification settings to be notified every time a winner is awarded.

@Dan thanks for making the change so we are notified about the abandoned contests. I have another question. I think I asked it elsewhere but I didn’t get an answer. On abandoned contests where domain registrations have been reported, do those contestants get priority in the name selection if their names were registered? I don’t recall seeing anything in the selection process about that but I could be wrong. The reason I ask is because I haven’t been checking domain registrations (I didn’t know how until today!). I also saw an abandoned contest where winners were selected and I wondered if the 2 winners were the ones who reported registered domains on it. Thanks so much! You’ve been doing some really great things for us and I appreciate it.

Once a contest is abandoned and the winner is picked by new process. I’m wondering since ch didn’t choose a winner are the winning names given to ch anyway, or how does that work ?


The names are not automatically given to CH in case of abandoned contests. However, the CH has the option to contact us within 30 days of winner selection date in case they decide to pick a name from the contest. If they choose a name from a creative who has already been compensated for that contest, then we would contact the creative and let them know that about CHs decision. That name should no longer be submitted to any other contests. If they choose a name from a creative who has NOT been compensated for that contest, they would need to pay a bonus of $50 to the creative for that name.

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@Commulinks, reported domains do not get priority in winner selection for abandoned contests. However, if we confirm that the name was indeed registered by the CH, the contest would be automatically awarded to the person who submitted the name.

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