Abandoned Contest & The CH Senario

@grant @Darpan. How would this senario work ?
Contest was awarded as abandoned after 30 days.
Then the CH comes back a few days later to choose a winner. Is it a case of you snooze, you lose for the CH or will SH Admin require the creatives to return the winnings? I know someone asked this but I don’t remember seeing an answer.

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I think someone said each situation is different and would be handled on an individual basis. And I believe that the contract between SH and CH states all of these things, the 30-day limit, ask if you need more time, and so on. But don’t quote me on that.


Hmm…didn’t this actually happen awhile back? Does anyone remember that?? If so, do you remember the details?


Me too @Chasity2ku. But I dont ever recall seeing the answer. I do remember someone saying that they sent a friend to join and this happened to them. Just can’t remember who’s post it was.

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Oh…I forgot about that…but I think that was @BillWarburton?? (sorry if not, Bill)

I could have swore a long time ago this happened tho, just too far for me to remember lol

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I looked into this for everyone, Chasity was right, it was Bill (most recently) and he was told to ‘share the issue directly with SH’ so it could be handled. Because of the nature of this event, I don’t think we may get a direct answer pertaining with that scenario, unfortunately, but reasonably understandable with that taken into consideration. But perhaps Grant and/or Darpan can answer Lisa’s question based upon the scenario described in the original question here, I hope, as I am curious now too.

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If a CH comes back to pick a name after a contest has been awarded (as per the abandoned contest policy), they are required to compensate the creative with a $100 bonus. If the creative already received a split award, the CH would need to pay them the difference of $100 and the award they have already received for that contest.

However if the CH provides a reasonable justification for the delay within 30 days of contest award, we reserve the right to change the winner, by deducting the split payout from the creatives account and awarding the entire award amount to the winning creative. This will only happen in rare occasions where we believe there was a valid justification for delay (for example, if the CH was not able to communicate with us to due to extended sickness).


@grant this has never happened to me so I should prob mind my own business…but…lol…I think that’s bad business. SH should prob take that loss, especially if it’s so rare. It’s not the creatives fault, and giving then taking away is just awful IMO. Thanks for listening :slightly_smiling_face:


I have to agree, especially after winnings are withdrawn already.