Abandoned Contest Notifications

In order to ensure that abandoned contests are awarded on a timely basis, we are going to stop sending the notifications 2 days before the selection. Tracking which contests had notifications sent, and waiting 2 days to award these contests is a fairly manual activity and causes delays. We would like to simplify the process so that the contests are awarded soon after the 30 day window is up. We will work on adding a new section on the Active contests page, so you can easily see which contests are 30 days past their end date, and are therefore in the queue for winner selection using the abandoned contest process.


Hi, Dan. Thanks, as always, for keeping us abreast of changes. But darn, those two days have been pretty handy, giving us a chance to see if domains have been registered.

Maybe – in the queue for upcoming winner selection by SHbot – you could mark them with a star the week before the deadline?


@Stalias, thanks for the suggestion. We will add a filter option on the Active contests page so that you can find all contests which have been pending for winner selection for 25 days or more. This way, you will have 5 days to report any domains registered in the contest before they get awarded by the abandoned contest process.


Great, Dan, thanks! (20 characters)

Yes @Dan would love to have a heads up of some kind . Had a bought domain in an abandoned contest that was awarded today thought I had two days to report it . But contest was awarded in a little over a day so some kind of system where we can have an idea of whats next would be great. Also few other abandon contest that are now a week old after announced w/out a pick

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Seez…if you are referring to a certain high amount contest…I asked about that one as I am trending too and was told the CH wants even more time to do trademark checks…so looks like it won’t be awarded yet.


I figured as much by his last comment,

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I do not think it is possible to filter this way on iPads and iPhones, which is what I mainly use. Is it possible to get this feature on these devices? Or at least allow us to sort “My Contests” by date so we can see the long abandoned contests at the top of the list? Otherwise it takes 10 mins to scroll down to your oldest contests, and after you click on it, check entries and go back, you have to do it all again. Thanks

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You know what’s strange about that contest: I was trending for the past month (second spot), but now am not in the trending box. The contest holder hasn’t been active in over 21 days. How does this happen?

I wonder if “no thank yous’ being deleted help a creative move up in the standings. I have seen that happen before with myself. I rarely delete entries at all, but one time I did realizing it had a typo, and after I did, I moved up on the trending board. So if you and another creative both have one love it but you also have a"no thank you”, it might bring down your standing. Not sure though.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes the last active time is way off. It may not have updated yet.

That trending board has switched several times it wouldn’t affect the split if it goes to that

Because there were more than 3 love its. They sometimes switch them around between the high scorers…but if your entry has not been demoted/rejected…you are still in the running.

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