Abandoned Contest #4978 or Last Minute Ratings?

Anyone holding out hope for Contest #4978?

I have no hope for my entries lol - it could be anything really so they havent given us a lot to go on .No ratings - I just did short words that are not drink brands already


Well, the contest is closed, .Looks like they’ll be spending Christmas going through 1100+ names, though. Any chance there’ll be a chosen winner under the Christmas tree in the next coming days?

I am a newbie, so some of this is confusing. I cannot understand why some answers aren’t rated, and others are rated and then the rating is later changed. I have only been on this site for a week or so, and am still trying to understand the inner workings.


Hi Angel, and Welcome!

Are you talking about the Name submissions in the contests? It’s the never ending question of why a CH abandons a contest (like this one did) after just rating a couple of names. . The ratings can change at the whim of the CH (contest holder), one night you can have a five star name, the next morning…the same name has now become a ‘3 star’. Frustrating!


Thanks for responding. I am hoping that with a little more time, things will be a little clearer.

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some they like ,some they dont, some they liked and decided they didnt when better options came along.

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I’m am new too and I entered this contest. I checked the availability of the domain and trademarks. My name was given 2 stars, then the next day the…com domain was grabbed up. Then CH changed details to no Z in place of S, old school, etc. Maybe they are just searching for domains to buy. It seems to happen

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have you checked “who is” for the buyer of the domain- you can also ask sh to check if it matches the contest holder details…you never know you may get a match :wink:

second thoughts - the contest we are talking about is only for a name , a domain was not required

Yes I know they only wanted a name, but I tend to check anyway.

@LisaMac Did you check using SH’s checker – using another contest – or on another website? Some domain-checker sites are unethical and will snap up a name by monitoring searches.

its unlikely they would buy a domain if they didnt ask for one