A Top Trending TidBit

At the risk of looking like a nerd (lol) and out of curiosity I looked at 60 random winning entries. Out of the 60 (I tried to go for 100 but ran out of steam) I viewed… 54% of the winners were in the Top Three Trending Creatives and 46% were not in the Top Three Trending Creatives :slight_smile: I was surprised at how many were not in the Top Trending. Just a little bit of Trivia for you. Best wishes


That doesn’t suprise me. The top trending feature has no bearing on who the actual winner will be. It’s just a feature that shows who is in the lead score wise.

I think it’d be cool if the CH was the one selecting the top three creatives they’re considering, or to even have both for comparison.

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I think it is great to be in the Top Trending, but also nice to know when you are not that all hope is not lost :slight_smile:


Totally!! I always feel like I’m in the running if I hold atleast 1 of the highest ratings in any given contest. But I’m not gonna lie, even tho I know it doesn’t matter, if I’m trending, I always have higher hopes… It’s just a lil confidence boost I guess :smiley:


I think it Keeps us going !!!


I haven’t been here very long, and I don’t know how the top trending is determined. I look at contests that are closed but waiting for a winner to be chosen - I sometimes see that the top trending has changed in the last 24 hours, but it says the CH hasn’t been active in a week or 2, or even longer. Doesn’t the CH have to be “active” for the top trending to change? I’m confused.

Dianna, I recently noticed the top trending will change if there is a tie between creatives. If there are four people that are tied in the top trending (say all four have a love it) it will alternate between these four people. This could explain why it has changed even thought the CH has not been active… hmmm, just a thought.

Thanks, ChristyMay. That makes sense. In one particular contest I was talking about, I’m 1 of 5 people with a “Love It” rating and I’ve seen the top trending change even though it says the CH hasn’t been active in 29 days. That’s something that really stinks about this contest - just 1 of the 5 of us won’t get part of the prize if the CH doesn’t pick a winner REAL soon.

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Watching a contest where I was a Top Trending Creative, I notice that I fell out when I withdrew an On-the-Right-Track entry, leaving a Like-it entry and 4 new entries. There are 4 Likes total, so I think the removal of the On-the-Right-Track caused me to lose the top 3 rating while I await new feedback from the ContestHolder.