A suggestion for the White Label Marketplace that (I think) could really help sellers

I prefer A/B testing, if you can get some solid data about heavy branding/light branding effect on number of sales then please share with us.

I believe that SH mentions will increase sales because of the trust factor, maybe some traffic will be leaked but I think the lost sales due to leaked traffic will be less that lost sales because of no trust… however this is just a speculation I might be wrong so it is important to do the A/B testing and check actual data and the effect on conversions.

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I honestly don’t know the right answer.
I DO know that I sell on SH premium MP and get lots of views and shortlists.
I DO know that my WLM names get no attention at all right now (similar to Basic Names)

I DO know that I do not have enough information about performance on WLM but my guess is that they are not getting any more exposure than former Basic listings.

I ALSO do know that I use the WLM to drive people to my listings over others


@Commulinks I think you’re seeing similar results between the Basic Listings (RIP) and the WLM because chances of random potential end users looking for a specific handregged name are quite low. Most of these names aren’t already used as company names, aren’t taken in other extensions and are exactly the kind that need to be seen in order to grab the interest of a company. Hence your success in the premium marketplace where domains can be searched for, are promoted, suggested to potential end users etc. That’s also why the traffic that does arrive to the WLM can be valuable because it’s often someone who specifically looked for your domain by typing it in. The new searchable marketplace for the Standard listings might help get more eyeballs on the WLM domains.


Thanks @Moretal, that is most likely true.
It’s also why SH shouldn’t have changed the guidance for acceptance of premiums because the bottom line is that my names sell. My sales on SH prove that and don’t reflect sales I’ve had on Afternic. Same for others here. But that is not what you are talking about and I know what you are saying. Just making the point that SH changed the guidelines for premiums.

We’ll see how WLM goes when mixed with all offerings so people see them.


Haven’t seen any progress on this yet.

Looking forward to a more tactful, professional WLM landing page with much fewer mentions of SH



We have now added an option in your settings page which allows you to control the level of SH branding on your White Label landing pages.

Check out this page for an ongoing list of updates being made to our platform:


The “minimal” option now references SH 3 times – still more than enough but a great improvement.

Thank you, Grant

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@grant Thanks for using the resources to offer this option. For now, I can’t check it out though. After switching to the minimal branding- I cleared the cache. Now I can’t enter the individual landing pages. When I click on a listing, the page refreshes and returns to the main site while the url chages to the name’s url. Please have your tech team look into it. I tried to switch it back now to the regular branding and clear the cache but that doesn’t help either so at the moment I can’t reach any individual landing page for any domain. I blue bottoned it now so hopefully your engineering team can fix this bug.


@Grant Your engineering team fixed the bug so I was able to see the new minimal branding. Much better, IMO. Thanks! If I may suggest adding one thing I mentioned earlier. Instead of writing:

“Trusted by over 30,000 customers, our partner Squadhelp.com handles secure payment collection and manages the domain transfer all the way to your account.”


“Trusted by over 30,000 customers, our partner Squadhelp.com handles customer service, secure payment collection and manages the domain transfer all the way to your account.”

By adding the words ‘customer service’ you’re letting the customers know right at the top of the page that they’d be dealing with squadhelp’s staff throughout the entire process so when they get to the chat or read the FAQ section below, it won’t come as a surprise to them that Squadhelp is basically doing everything relating to the sale, including support.

I hope you can consider adding that. Either way, thanks again for this option!


Thanks for your feedback @moretal. We will make these updates.


Grant, I need your answer on a non-standard situation. Once the CH closed a contest and awarded the winner. Years passed, and nobody needed the winning domain. Do I have the right to register it and place at White Label Marketplace? Will this not be considered a violation of the SH rules?

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@Grant Awesome. Thanks for making this change! Now potential buyers can know exactly what Squadhelp does in the context of the WLM. Super happy about the minimal branding option and this wording change. Many thanks for listening to the feedback and implementing changes.


@grant, what about a reward for the owner of White Label marketplace, in case any customer choose to purchase on Squadhelp instead of WLM ( after they visited WLM )
Commission like 10%.
ie buyer went to wlm then choose to purchase on squadhelp instead.

There is contest referal : Earn $30 commission for every referred customer who launches a contest.

Squadhelp marketplace referral : When someone buys this domain or any other domain from SH Marketplace (within 30 days after clicking your shared link), you will receive $35 referral commission.

So WLM referral : maybe 10% commission or as little as $50 within 30 days when they go and purchase on squadhelp instead after click and visit our WLM.

Just like tracking, maybe SH can figure it out. thanks.