A Strategy for SH to Quadruple Domains Sales


Thenk @Ablebrands. You explained it much better than I did. Especially regarding Afternic. @Deepblue As Ablebrands explained, what you’re suggesting and what I was referring to is the same thing. The registrars you’re mentioning are on the network of Sedo or Afternic.


All this sounds great and I would like to see this happen, provided it wouldn’t mean dropping seller commission rates. I would assume Squadhelp would have to compensate partner platforms from their portion of the sale proceeds, correct?


Correct. The other brandable marketplace has a private deal with commissions, so we still get the sale amount as agreed when we listed the domain (no dropping seller commission rates).


I am 1B% with this idea, the way it is being done by the “other” platform as @Moretal and @AbleBrands explain.

Let’s say a customer is out there searching for a name and they happen upon some name on SEDO or Afternic and they don’t know SH exists. So they go to SEDO let’s say, following that lead… and they get recommendations for other similar names on SEDO. Right now, they will never see similar SH names like they will for that “other” marketplace. We lose!

I, too, have been successful selling Basic Plus names on Afternic because I am allowed to list them there, too. I also list my B & BP names on Dan. More exposure=more sales!!! My sales on Afternic really helped me when I had no sales on SH. But I will tell you, I would really have loved to sell them on SH instead! SH lost that money.


Thanks for sharing your feedback. Channel partnerships and syndication are definitely part of our roadmap and we plan to offer more updates in the future.


Idk know we could do that with B& BP names.How does that work? In other words, who do you point the DNS too?


Point your DNS to SH and list on other sites that do not require you to point to them. Not all are like that. SEDO is a problem for that. Afternic and Dan are not a problem.


Ohhhhh this is a very good news. YAYYYY. And i hope sooner before those renewals coming hahahaha.


LOL, renewals are coming every month going on 3 years now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks so much, Deepblue, for bringing this up. It is the way of the future!


Hahahahha i can feel that, hurt my pocket pfffttt :triumph:


I’m on board too! As for seller commision, I would hope nothing would change there. I would think SH would actually be making out better, even paying out for the sale, if they are making more sales and there is less renewals having to be paid… :wink: Hell, maybe our commission rates could even get a little increase. lol.


Actually I found that BB domains integrated with Sedo are also integrated with Sedo’s premium network, I checked and the domains appear on Sedo MLS registrars such as Name.com, you can check Sedo MLS here:

So it is great if SH can integrate with Afternic or Sedo provided that the integration will include integration with premium network of registrars.

Afternic is preferred over Sedo because they are integrated with Godaddy which has the largest user base.

SH can also do separate integration with registrars.


yeah i wish, or can say we wish.


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I feel itchy and very very eager with the possibility of this integration, bunch of domains gonna be expired soon, and the sales growth just very very slow.


Integration with especially Afternic/GoDaddy will surely make SH stand out from the Brandable marketplace crowd.

It’ll be like Afternic/GD but with better payout options for those who don’t want to deal with cutthroat bank wire fees.