A Strategy for SH to Quadruple Domains Sales


Hi SquadHelp,

If you want to achieve exponential growth in domain sales, then listen to my advice:

Try to partner with domains registrars such Godaddy, Name.com, Dynadot, Epik, Namecheap…etc, and integrate your marketplace with as many registrars as you can. The idea is that when someone searches for a domain name at those registrars, if the domain is listed at SH then it will show as for sale with BIN option at the registrar instead of “taken”, from there the user can either directly buy from the registrar or get directed to SquadHelp marketplace to make the purchase, the registrar will take a commission from the sale… and everyone is happy.

It is similar to Sedo’s MLS network and Afternic fast transfer service, Afternic makes 90% of their sales at Godaddy platform due to the integration between the two.

If SquadHelp wants to be different from other brandable marketplaces, and if they are looking for accelerated growth rather than flat one, then they have to adopt this strategy.

This strategy is scalable, google adwords is not.



It’s a good idea and hopefully SH can make such arrangements. But this line- “If SquadHelp wants to be different from other brandable marketplaces…” isn’t correct. One of the other brandable marketplaces already has an integration with Sedo.


I’m against. I am afraid that in this case the SH will lose face. The SH platform is already well-promoted without integration with other sites. In addition, it’s hard to find our domains now, and in case of integration, the contest holder will turn his attention to domains that do not belong to SH


@Edukar More promotion is always good. As for CHs turning attention to domains that don’t belong to SH- this isn’t really related to the integration. The integration is simply an internal system that could list marketplace domains at big marketplaces such as Sedo/Afternic where millions of people already come to search for domains. This sort of integration gives a big boost of exposure to domains. CHs can search elsewhere now too if they want to and if such an integration will happen at SH, there’s no reason CHs should know about it. As I mentioned, this sort of integration is currently being done in the biggest brandable marketplace out there and it helps sales.


I understand it. But for me personally, the SH is the number one naming platform in the world. I don’t want it to turn into an aggregator of sites. Here creative people gathered. And in the first place should be the art of creativity, and not the selection of domains. I can sell domains anywhere. And to create - only here. I am not at all against progress. But at this stage we cannot place all of our domains on the SH marketplace!


@Edukar It’s the other way around. If there’s an integration- domains from SH will be listed elsewhere, so SH isn’t the aggregator. Sedo/Afternic are the aggregator. SH will be the same, with the only difference being that domains from the SH marketplace could be seen not only by people who visit SH but by a much bigger crowd. It’s your right of course not to like that and want that to happen. Either way, SH can consider it and ultimately decide what it deems best.


p.s. Since your domains at SH are exclusive, you’re not allowed to list them elsewhere. An integration can help domain owners reach much bigger crowds.


Before continuing the conversation further, the SH team needs to decide what is more important for it - a creative platform or selling domains. You can’t sit on two chairs at once. If integration will allowed, the SH marketplace will flood a huge number of domains from the outside. And our exclusive domains will cease to be so. The hope that the customer sees them will become illusory. I am just expressing my point of view.


I really love this and agree with it :100:% I personally have tens of thousands, if not a few more, of followers/friends/affiliates/etc on social media accounts and I still feel my names are not getting enough attention. Actually many of us have complained about that.

The marketplace is so brimming now with names that many of the early adopters before SH became even more interested in ‘high curation’ are suffering just a bit. There are many more higher value names and ones that hold better locations as they’re more recent and so forth. Here about several months or a year and a little ago, my stats tanked.

I was doing so well in the marketplace with views and shortlists and then something changed almost overnight where I went from a certain percent to a very dropped percent. I know I’m not the only one either because I’ve seen it referenced before. I don’t know what changed but when it changed I lost interest in trying to list more with sh for quite sometime.

I only came back and submitted more recently because I’ve not been able to participate much in contests. The problem is, the same problem still exists. Im not getting much attention and other people aren’t either. I shouldn’t have to boost every name just to get a couple more views. I don’t have poi ts like that and we don’t have enough opportunities even still to earn points. So this could help everyone. It could help people that haven’t ever heard of sh and don’t type in the right things for seo to find the marketplace or even contests.

It would make sh even more popular and would help a lot more of our names be seen and even sold. If this isn’t adopted a lot of us are going to be looking at renewing out names until we can’t see worth and/or afford it anymore or we drop down to a commission that’s not even worth it. I’m already looking at that, personally for a few of mine. The commission I’m going to get this renewal period or even what it would drop to next one is a bit discouraging. But again, maybe my names aren’t that great compared to the ones that are more recent because I was an early joiner.

I hope SH can consider this because I see how it would be highly lucrative for them, us, and people further on the outside alike.


@Edukar I don’t think you understand the concept. You say that domains from the outside will flood SH. Again, domains from the outside won’t be listed at Squadhelp. Domains from Squadhelp will be listed in other places. All you get from it is extra promotion instead of having your domains only listed at SH. No down side. Either way, SH will decide what they’ll decide. I think at this point, SH is all in with the brandable marketplace alongside the contests so we might as well get as much exposure as possible.


@rareworthy It’s not some magic solution. Even with integration, you’re still adding the domains to huge marketplaces. But it’s another potential way for more people to find domains that are listed exclusively at SH and I think that’s in the best interest of all sellers.


Yes personally i think sales kind of dropping after flood of hundred of new domainers with their thousand of domains. Sales rate good i think with Squadhelp, but not so individually.
With the bigger exposure then it will lead to more potential buyers, eventually will lead to more sales. Positive cashflow is really good. Its a win win solution.


That’s not the way it works. The SH marketplace wouldn’t be affected.

Think of it as SH advertising your marketplace names on other platforms (Sedo / Afternic / etc) on your behalf. Effectively, everyone that comes to SH could see your name, and everyone that goes to Sedo / Afternic / GoDaddy / Namesilo and 100s of others could see your name too.

Another marketplace does this, and if a domain sells we don’t even know where or how it sold. We just transfer the domain and get paid in the usual way. (we have no insight into how they’ve split their commission from our sale with the marketplace that actually sold the domain).

My Basic Plus names here are also listed on Afternic. I’ve sold dozens on Afternic, even though the landing page was here. Afternic has massive reach.


@AbleBrands, @rareworthy, @moretal Thanks for the explaining the concept! I began to understand its significance after your detailed explanations. In this form of promotion the Squadhelp can only win


Yes I know about that but Sedo is not registrar they are a marketplace, so if SH was able to integrate with Registrars they will be the first to do it.


This strategy has 0 negative effect on SH. Think about it this way: it is extra exposure for domains listed in SH, that has no side effect on current SH marketing or visibility.


I think there is a misunderstanding for my main idea, my idea is:
1- Integration with Registrars (Ex: Godaddy, Epik…etc) not Marketplaces (Sedo, Afternic…etc)
2- Integration is one way not 2 ways (ex: SH domains will show on Godaddy not otherwise around)

Integration with registrars means that when someone types your SH domain in Godaddy search he will find it For Sale (with Buy Now) instead of Taken. This integration with Godaddy helped Afternic sales a lot (90% of Afternic sales are through Godaddy integration).

Integration with other marketplaces like Sedo in my opinion is not worth it, because the domains will hardly be seen in the flood of domains listed there.

Millions of people search for domain names on platforms like Godaddy, if you integrate with these registrars then the exposure will be massive.


Also this is not what I suggested, my suggestion is to integrate with Registrars (Godaddy, Epik…etc) not with Marketplaces. Actually I think integration with other marketplaces is not very beneficial as integration with registrars.


Afternic also work like this, in fact it cooperate with godaddy and has huge premium network, so wont only show for sale on go daddy, but also at another 8-10 registrars.


Godaddy etc is a marketplace (also known as a domain reseller) as well as being a registrar.

With Afternic: Domain names get exposure through the Standard Network resellers, plus promotion on 8 of the top 10 domain registrars in the world (GoDaddy is one of these). This amounts to over 75 million monthly search queries from the largest domain reseller network in the world.

A full list of the marketplaces your domain would show up on, are listed here:
Your domain would also show up with a buy now button, instead of a taken button if anyone were to search if the domain were available on all of these sites.