A simple but easier option, please?


I’m not throwing this into the ways to improve the site thread because I don’t think this constitutes as such (if so, I apologize).

I tried to search this in the forums and I’m a bit limited as of right now because of mobile so that is why this may be a revisited topic. However, I think it was brought up at one time that SH may look into a mobile app. I was wondering if we could still request that at some point this be a possibility. It doesn’t even have to be something complicated, really, just better than the mobile browser version of SH that some of us have to operate from on occasion.

The reason I request this is because I’m not sure how many people may or may not know this but you are highly limited on what you can do mobile at this current moment. Right now I am battling some health issues and limited to working from mobile as I can and my percentile is greatly suffering because of it because I’m not able to be very active because the mobile browser doesn’t display SH very easily and it’s not very productive to use.

For instance, for me, mobile wise … I can go to contest listings and the page maybe only show at most ten to twelve of the most recent contests (if that) before it will stop loading them. It is also very difficult to work the contests before it becomes so much effort and a bit frustrating and I just have to succumb to not being able to participate much.

I believe that a mobile app for Android and IoS would be beneficial to creatives, CHs, and even staff ( think of the possibilities of staff to be able to use tablets/phones to monitor contests, monitor forums, and even possibly handle support all while being able to be anywhere without having to pull up a computer) also creatives and CHs could benefit in being able to be more active which is not only beneficial to their own personal ideals but also beneficial to the platform.

I’m not saying that this has to be some technologically ingenious app, bit something that is simple to navigate and user friendly that drives and focus upon functionality over form. We’re in the height of the mobile age where more and more people are spending as much as they would on computers instead on mobile devices. We should cater to this in some way as we may be missing an untold amount of possibility and availability that SH has yet to see just because there isn’t a way to really do such without reasonable frustration.

I don’t mean to be offensive in anyway, in case this may seem that way. Rather I’m just thinking not only from my personal experience of MONTHS of testing, trying, trial and error – but the possibility of what could be. I wonder, honestly, if there was a mobile app – even a simple one – if it wouldn’t open doors to more abilities for everyone but maybe even open windows to to demographics we may be currently missing – demographics that could propel SH to a new level because of the more across the board user friendly aspect of being able to use any device efficiently to be more engaged, interactive, and efficient no matter who they are, where they are, and how they choose to utilize SH as a whole.

This is just my two cents and was curious as to if this was actually something that others could agree with and if SH has considered this at all and if so, where we stand on this becoming a reality?


I agree and best of luck with the health issues!!


I think this is a great idea !!! I am also very limited to the time I can spend at the computer due to a disability and find I can’t participate at the level I would like. I have tried using my mobile phone but also find it very limiting. I do recall SH mentioning this was in the works at one point :slight_smile: Wishing you all the best with your health issues.


If not a mobile app outright they could make improvements to the mobile site definitely. Maybe there should be a thread about “How can we improve our mobile site?” :slight_smile: I use the mobile version often when I have a few mins to spare. Best way to spend waiting time imho :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiley:

@rareworthy hope you feel better soon :hugs:


I totally support mobile app development, but until that happens, to see more contests on mobile - just scroll aaaaaaaaaall the way down to the bottom of the screen, and then scroll back. It will load more contests. That is actually very simple for programmers to solve so contests load sooner, I don’t know why they load just when you scroll to the bottom of the page.


I’ve tried that, and for whatever reason, it doesn’t always work. Only like 35% of the time. And at that point even when it does work and you have to keep doing it … it’s a bit of a hassle.

@everyone else, thank you for the well wishes. :heart:


That happens to me too…but if I turn my tablet sideways,instead of up and down( if that makes sense) then the contests will load more than like 6 or 8.