A Showcase for the Logo Designers?


@grant, @Dan Hello, I do not know if this is the right place to ask this, but I was wondering if we could have a showcase for logos. I understand that the Instant Domains and the Owned Domains are features provided by SH for namers to showcase their domains. There are a number of logos that would work for different clients but for whatever reasons are not picked by the CH for whom they were designed. If there was a page for the logo designers to showcase these (without the original name or any identifying feature, of course) a potential CH may be able to pick something without holding a contest and a previous work by the logo creator could be utilized. Of course, I am not sure if this has already been asked before, or even would be welcome but as a dabbling logo designer, I might be interested to have such a platform. Thoughts?


How about making logos to go with names in the marketplace? Just a thought


That’s a good idea! I have also thought about asking SH how someone could possibly help do those image content that they have used for some of the brand names and product names that everyone has come up with on the site. I have seen some of the names across SH and on people’s profiles and I would love to make those images for SH. But I agree that maybe SH could up the purchase price and the price to pay for name and logo. So maybe instead of 500$, logo and name packages are 1000$ each creative of the two gets 300$ each and SH gets 400$. Wish we could also sell taglines too with the number of these contests growing for each industry.


I think a showcase for logos is a great idea! I also wish there was a way I could go back and view logos that were created for my winning entries. I know there were several, and I enjoyed seeing them on the recent winners list, but I didn’t think to make a note of which creative made the logos, so I can’t go back and find them now.


@LisaMac, @rareworthy, I think it would be great to have the marketplace names have logos and offer a combo option also to the buyer. It might make this more attractive for the buyers who are not interested in a longer process. Though, I think the things to note would be:

a) Pairing the logo designer with the namer/ domain owner - who would decide? and how? so that it is fair and acceptable to all parties involved

b) Is this something the contest holders currently are interested in? Going by the number of packaged contests, I would think yes. But maybe the Squadhelp team would be able to answer this better.

c) Since most people probably have some idea of how they want their brand to look & feel… would a perfect name paired with maybe a different style than what they want their brand to be, bring down the attractiveness of the name as well for them…Maybe without them realizing this?

Just some thoughts to take this forward.

@rareworthy I love seeing the winning names that are stylized and presented with images. It might be interesting having something like that along with the owned domains and instant domains.


Thanks @ALDaisy1, I do not do well in logo competitions…at all :neutral_face:
But there are a whole bunch of them that I think can work for similar briefs and similar industries. It might be nice to just put them out there and see if what didn’t work for one might work for another.


Maybe the names could be displayed like “The Brady Bunch” square lol The name and then maybe 2-3 boxes next to it displaying 2-3 different logo choices. The logo maker and the creative do not have to be matched and they can have their own sale price. That way logo makers could look at the names that resonate with them and submit it to the marketplace just like the creatives do with the names. If SH picks it as an option, then it would be displayed. I would cap it at 2-3 logos per name.


@LisaMac That makes sense. I believe SH uses a pairing algorithm for the Instant Recommendations. Maybe something like that. We already classify our Names when submitting them for Instant Domains. Classify the Logos also when uploading and there could be an algorithm that determines the best match/matches.


Hi, Is there a way to have the SH staff chime in on this and possibly know what they think about a feature like this in the future?


@TTCworks…sure we can… @Darpan @grant what do the powers that be think of this idea?


Sorry for the delay on this. It is a cool idea that has come up internally as well. I don’t have much more to share at this time :slight_smile:


I feel we should stock logos industry wise like ONG, IT, Medical etc OR item wise like people, shapes, tree etc . It becomes easy for the CH to choose one and then can probably go for the naming. Naming contestants also will get a fair chance to name the company / product / service. At certain times we all have found that the contest holder is confused of what type of name he / she is actually looking for. Details and description often misguide us. I think by doing this we all are happy. Squadhelp gets a bundle offer for both Logo and name and maybe tagline. Contestants gets a better picture to name the company. And logo creatives are happy to make the changes once they come to know the logo is already selected. :slight_smile: