A rep's mistake may jeopardize a potential sale

I noticed on Clarity that someone was interested in potentially buying one of my domains that are listed at the White Label Marketplace. My account setting is set to: “All inquiries and offers require my explicit approval”. No discounts are allowed without consulting me. But a rep wrote to the buyer: “Attached is the link to the new discounted domain…” I contacted support and I was told that no discount was actually offered. So it seems like the rep just accidentally wrote about a discount but then provided a regular link to purchase the domain. For now the potential buyer didn’t follow through. If this potential sale is lost, it’ll be hard not to chalk it up to the rep’s mistake. Either way, mentioning a discount followed by a link to the original price certainly doesn’t help a potential sale. We’ll see what happens. Either way, please make sure that reps don’t get in the way of sales. @Darpan @grant

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@moretal Thanks for your feedback. We are extremely transparent in our WLM offering, where you can actually see the screen recordings including some of our chat interactions with prospective buyers. We receive hundreds of casual buyer inquiries every day, and we typically respond to such inquiries in less than 3 minutes - day or night, including weekends.

Unfortunately in some situations, there can be human errors in responding to customers. In this case, in the spirit of transparency, our support team had shared the entire chat transcript with you, which I am including below (after redacting customer email and domain name). As you can see in the response, the entire conversation was handled professionally within 2 minutes of initial customer inquiry. The word “discounted” in the last response was accidental and should not have been used. We never offer discounts to buyers without explicit permission of sellers (unless the seller has authorized SH to negotiate on their behalf)

We use these situations as training opportunities to continue to improve our offering. Another option we offer is for sellers to list their own email address and phone numbers on your WLM so the buyers can contact you directly. However in our experience, letting SH team handle the support achieves the best outcome since we are able to respond to customers in near real time across all time zone.

Conversation with Squadhelp

Started on October 28, 2022 at 12:29 AM America/Chicago time CDT (GMT-0500)

12:29 AM | : hello

12:29 AM | Operator: Hey there!

12:29 AM | Operator: What do you need help with?

12:30 AM | [buyer email removed]: wanna know about your domain

12:30 AM | Operator: The team will get back to you on this. Squadhelp typically replies in under 2m.

12:30 AM | Operator: Give the team a way to reach you:

12:31 AM | Angelo from Squadhelp: Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. Are you referring to [Domain Redacted]?

12:31 AM | [buyer email removed]: yes

12:32 AM | Angelo from Squadhelp: Thanks! Let me check on this for you.

12:33 AM | Angelo from Squadhelp: I can see that this domain is listed for $2888. The Purchase comes with a risk-free transfer guarantee, and our team will assist you with the transfer of domain to any registrar of your choice. If you would like to move forward, please let me know and I can share the purchase link.

12:33 AM | [buyer email removed]: sure angelo

12:34 AM | [buyer email removed]: will let you know through mail ,thank you

12:35 AM | Angelo from Squadhelp: Thank you! Attached is the link to the new discounted domain:

[link redacted]

Exported from Squadhelp on October 28, 2022 at 07:22 AM America/Chicago time CDT (GMT-0500)

@grant I’m not sure what the transcript is meant to demonstrate because it just shows what I described. I didn’t claim anything else was done. If I were the potential buyer I would now probably either ask for a discount or feel less confident about making a purchase. We’ll see. Human error or not, I’m sure you can understand that this is annoying to witness. I certainly appreciate SH’s transparency with allowing sellers to use Clarity, but I wanted to make sure that you guys will take such instances seriously and that you’ll communicate to your reps that things they say matter and can accidentally sabotage potential sales. Anyway… moving on. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


p.s. I changed the wording in the original message to “potential sale” to better describe the situation. This certainly wasn’t a sure thing. But still… annoying. Had this been a higher priced domain and a lead was lost, I’d be really fuming. So it’s better to avoid these situations as much as possible.