A quick question for you all


Hello creatives, lately i got to realize things arent working for me like they used to. I’m not a pro like you guys quite all right, but i always have my own share of like it or love it every week, but then for the past few weeks or months all my entries are being rejected by CHs and 'bout to throw in the towel… i also realized the early pros are not winning like they used to or not winning at all. Please, has something changed? I feel like I’m outdated.


@BlueSpice - I’m no pro but I do believe there is just a lot more competition…more creatives, more domains for sale… Keep your chin up, wishing you brighter days ahead. (At least that is what I keep telling myself. LOL)


For sure, lots of competition with less direction, (IMO). Many contests with much nty’s and no guidance.


I agree about the increasing lack of direction on many contests. Plus when long-timers on SH pose a clear and well-worded question (thank you for doing that…) it often goes unanswered, or they are told that “everything you need is in the brief”. Those are the contests that often seem to end with no Loves or even Likes.


Hey Spice, you are 100% right. I don’t win anymore either. A lot has changed… everything everyone has said already. Lots more competition, the marketplace, too many entries in contests, CH overwhelm, etc. There are some other factors for me, too… ways I changed myself that limit what contests I even enter. After a while, you start to figure some things out … things we aren’t allowed to talk about here.


Please don’t feel outdated. Its happening to all of us. For the last 2 weeks straight, I have received mostly NTYs… and that’s if they were rated at all. I got encouragement with a couple of likes, which were later downgraded lol. This has taught me to not take it too seriously and I now only choose to ‘play’ when I’m in a good mood. Like Commulinks, I’m also very picky about who I work with now. If briefs aren’t helpful and if questions aren’t answered, then I’ve got better things to do! It has encouraged me to spread my thinking in to how I can earn money writing in other ways. Every hurdle produces more clarity. I wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Honey, I haven’t won in over a year. I get loves, shortlisted and then boom gone. And I use to win enough a year to have extra money and enjoy it. I’m not sure what has happened but it is no longer as friendly as it use to be. And yet, I’m sorry to say, I see the same people win over and over and over. That isn’t bitterness or anger speaking, it’s just a clear observation. We feel your pain.


I’m in the same boat. It sucks but at least we’re in good company. I struggle to just get a few likes and maybe a love once in a while. Like others I have very limited participation. I decide whether or not to enter a contest based on the brief details, CH history and feedback, industry, etc. Also, like others have said, there could be several factors contributing to our current slump. I haven’t won in several months and if it weren’t for the VERY few bucks trickling in from domain sales it would hardly seem worth it all. I guess all we can do since we can’t control the whims of the CH is to guard our time. Don’t put in more time than you are willing to “waste” for lack of a better word and don’t take it too personally if you don’t get high ratings or wins. This is all VERY subjective. I have thought about quitting many times but at the end of the day it can be fun and mentally stimulating regardless of how things turn out. I hope you’ll stick around but we totally get it if you choose not to. The best of luck to you.


Can I just say how much I love all youz guyz? Really, I mean that. Thanks to all who piped in. You gave me a boost, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::wine_glass::rofl::blush::yum::star_struck::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Those who name together stay together,lol


I think the problem is clear here - there are a lot more creatives. Accordingly, the rules for the contestants were tightened. Only for the effective operation of the site it was necessary to tighten the rules for contest holders as well. Namely, to ban non-guaranteed contests and to encourage CHs if they choose a winner. Cha-chings are not a good thing. It’s great when the award finds a hero, that is, when the customer chooses the winner in each competition. There are many conditions for selling domains on the platform, but I sincerely want the SH to be positioned as a creative platform. There are many domain platforms all over the world. But there is only one creative Squadhelp in the world. I love you all, guys!


I would like to see the private messaging stat restored to the Creative profile pages. Coincidence or not, when that stat was removed, a lot of things changed around here. Having to hide winning entries has also been detrimental to the transparency of the platform (although I do understand the rationale for that). If no one is overusing private messaging, then I don’t see any reason not to include the stat, and if some are using the messaging much, much more than others, than surely we deserve to know.


I feel bad when I read “there are too many creatives”. It makes me feel redundant. I’m here for 2 months, so who is here for 2 years has more rights than me to stay here, just because s/he came first.
Is that true and rightly so?

Another issues is- why the oldest creatives can submit 30-40-and more entries, and I can submit 2-3 only? I know that who receives like/love could submit more entries… but what does it mean?

Apart from the fact that I wonder how they can create 20-30-40 names that don’t exist, when I find it hard to entry 3 names… maybe I’m not so creative… okay… said that, I ask if this system is efficient.
I understand that it aims to reward the best, but with about 1500 entries how does CH feel like?


Lisa, I don’t think that is what anyone who has been her a while is saying. We are talking about how overwhelmed CHs are with entries compared to the past and you would think that is a good thing… but because we have been here a while we also see that CHs are not rating names, abandoning contests, not answering questions and more and part of it is because they are overwhelmed. It’s not about your right to be here. New people all have to prove they have a place here. We all had to do it, too. I don’t want anyone to feel bad.


I don’t have a problem with having new creatives join the platform. But the original question was concerning why it is so hard to win now, and it’s just logical that with more creatives, there is a smaller chance of winning for everyone. The submission limits have been debated again and again, and imo don’t matter much, as long as everyone is submitting based on the same information provided in the briefs.


I am an old creative, but I also can’t submit more than 3 entries in the competition. Unfortunately, the measure of talent here is the ephemeral percentile, which depends on the CH’s marks. I think this is fundamentally the wrong decision. Each creative must have no more than 5 entries in the competition. Then it will be easier for the contest holder to deal with fewer entries. If the CH likes the entry, only then the creative should be able to submit 10 more entries. This is the only honest solution for old and new creatives.


Yes, you all talk about overwhelm… The last contest I’ve partecipated has 1631 submit. and 431 patecip. That means an average of 4 entries per person. Four entries seem few, but 4x400=1600.
Instead 1x400=400, it is acceptable.
But I’m not able to value if allowing multiple entries per person helps CH (because it has many names to choose from) and helps creative to win.
I also see that CHs are not rating names, abandoning contests, not answering questions, etc. and that few creatives win… but I haven’t yet enough elements to understand what really happens here.
I read your posts and I try to understand how can I win.