A question regarding premium domains

@grant Recently there are more and more contest holders that are open to buying premium domains. Since I own a lot of domains that were bought in the aftermarket including some dictionary words, LLLL.com and other high end names- it’s quite frustrating that I’m not allowed to pitch them to contest holders unless I’m willing to offer them for free.

Say a contest holder is open to buying a domain for up to $10,000. What’s the difference if I offer it within that budget or if a creative found it for sale in a marketplace somewhere and pitches it? These domains cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars so there’s no way they can be offered for free and when a creative owns them it’s actually much better for the CH because the sale isn’t depended on an unknown third party. So why not let creatives offer them when a CH is looking for premium options? If you’re worried about quality- you guys can possibly screen these domains yourselves and if there’s a sale- facilitate the transfer and get a cut from the profit. Win win win situation.

I hope it’s something you can consider. Thanks!


You can do this now @moretal

Look to see if a contest holder has the following line in their brief: “We are also open to premium domains up to $_____. To submit these domains enter YourName-SeeComments.com as your submission, and provide more detail about the premium domain in the comments”.

These names must not be in your ‘my owned domains’ (or you have to follow the give it away for free rule). Basically, if you have a premium name on another marketplace you can submit it as per the line above.

Luckily, we are seeing a lot more of these lately! :smile:

I like your suggestion through (letting creatives offer them), it seems SH is missing a trick here and losing a potential 10% on our ‘withdrawal fee’ for no additional work.

I’d like to take it a step further, and be able to offer SH Marketplace domains too (at their cost, not in exchange for winning the contest).


If anyone has time can you explain how I could enter some names into the domain marketplace on this site? I have no clue how.

@AbleBrands - But what Moretal is saying is that if he subbed those names he would have to sub them for free…not the price of his premium domains. He is suggesting that SH consider allowing those who have premium domains to be able to sell them to CHs at the premium price, not for free (actually just for the prize award).

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Yes, I don’t think I explained it very well.

For a domain we own, we have two methods of submitting:
Option 1
Add to ‘my domains’ and submit. You have to give the domain in exchange for winning the contest.
Option 2
Don’t add to ‘my domains’ and submit in this format: MyName-SeeComments.com.

We can submit any name using option 2, names we own and names we don’t own. As an example, if you submit a premium name listed on GoDaddy/■■■■■■■■■■■/Namesilo/etc, whose to say who owns it? It might be you, it might not be you.

I hope I explained it a bit better this time, I’m not the best at explaining things. :confounded:

Option 2 is against SH rules…if you own the domain

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Is it? I didn’t know that! So you can’t submit premium domains that you own at all?

No, you cannot. (20 characters)

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That is why Moretal is asking the question… as to why not.

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Gotcha! Thanks for that @Commulinks

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Sorry Kwazi, didn’t mean to ignore you there! On your My Entries page, under every entry is a ‘classify and sell’ link. Click that and complete the form for that name to be considered for the marketplace.

Thanks @AbleBrands and everybody else who chimed in. SH doesn’t permit offering these domains for sale. I was explicitly told that. It doesn’t make sense to me. You have a CH who wants premium domains. I have great ones but can’t offer them. I can only submit hand registrations I don’t mind giving for free in exchange for the prize and names listed in marketplaces by third parties that might be able to be bought or not (as you know, @AbleBrands- quite a few of these listings don’t pan out because the seller made a mistake, has a change of heart or the listing belongs to a previous owner). So instead of offering a CH high end domains that can be sold for sure, they’re being offered the possibility of buying something on a marketplace somewhere. I hope SH will consider the possibilities of facilitating such possible sales for a cut. It just makes sense to all parties.


You’re right @moretal it doesn’t make sense at all! How can we be allowed to offer premium domains owned by someone else yet not those owned by ourselves? That’s plain crazy.

What about if I submit yours and you submit mine?.. I’m just pointing out how crazy it is with that comment.


Ha ha. Works for me but I don’t think SH will approve this ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ scheme. :slight_smile: Hopefully SH will reconsider their position and it’ll be a win win win situation. This probably isn’t relevant to most SH users here at the moment, but even with only a few of us domainers on board at the moment this could possibly make SH some nice commissions, give creatives access to end users and give the CH’s a sure sale and a smooth domain transfer in case they decide a domain is worth it. SH will have to consider the commission though. Since they also take a 10% cut when money is withdrawn from the account… the commission has to be reasonable if they decide to go for it.


I have to say I agree with you, Moretal. I only have a few domains that I have listed as my owned domains on SH but I am pretty interested in expanding more into more premium domains. I would MUCH rather have the CHs come to SH for everything from the non-premium to premium domains. I know we talked about this a while ago in the forum and SH wanted to stay on the clear mission of crowdsourcing and creating names but I agree with you that this is a kind of natural next step for SH and creatives.


Thanks @Commulinks. Glad you agree. If they weren’t looking for expensive domains- then naturally these domains shouldn’t be offered to them. But in more and more contests the CHs state that they’re looking for premium domains and they have nice big budgets. So why send creatives to marketplaces to look for names instead of making money in house if that’s possible? It’s like telling a guy who wants to pay you- nah, don’t pay me all this money you’re willing to spend. I’ll do the work for you, give me a small commission and pay the big money to someone else I found for you!

p.s. On a side note- I hate the term ‘premium domains’ so much. It literally pains me to use it. :slight_smile: I’m sure @ablebrands can relate. It’s the magic term most domainers use to market anything they own no matter how bad it is.


Really great points, Moretal!!! Seriously, I think this is GOOD for SH and I am really glad you brought it up.


Thanks so much! I just put in a in name, so does SH tell you once it’s been approved?

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Yes you get an email if it’s been approved, or it just disappears from your pending if it isn’t.

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I think the issue that Squad Help is trying to prevent is the idea in the customer’s mind that SH is using Bait and Switch to increase the fees the customer pays.

What the customer sees is them coming to this website to spend a few hundred dollars for a name and they walk away spending a few thousand.

For those unaware of what ‘bait and switch’ is and the legal repercussions that can arise from employing these tactics, you may want to read a few lines from Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bait-and-switch

There has to be a legitimate reason for SH to not allow this. Afterall, if you may money, they do too.