A little positivity


Would anyone like to share something to brighten things up in the forum? For instance, I mentioned a while back I was saving up for a new violin for my oldest daughter. Well, she received it as a birthday gift, and she’s rockin’ it! Currently, I get to hear her practice the violin version of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” on repeat about an hour every day! :slight_smile: So, even if I never win anything here again (which tbo is how I kinda feel right now) at least I was able to do that for her. So thank you, Squadhelp!


With SquadHelp I am able to save and rescue animals and support my farm. THANK YOU SQUADHELP!!!


Daisy, your always trending, your next win will be around the corner for sure! Here’s another goal to strive for…buy her a looping machine. It makes a violinist a one girl band. This is one of my favorite videos of a guy using one with a violin.


@LisaMac That is super awesome, she would love that! Thanks for taking the time to share that clip. :slight_smile:


I don’t really have a wonderful and specific story like yours, Daisy. But on the positivity side, I will say this… I am extremely grateful for Squadhelp and my ongoing stream of income from it. I feel very loyal to SH as well because they listen, take action, keep trying to do more and better. I respect the tar out of that.

Congrats to you and your daughter. That is so wonderful. And violin music is SURE to get your creativity amped up even more than it is already!!! You are an awesome namer!


My son is a musician as a hobby. He has all kinds of equipment including a looper (pedals, many guitars, recording and editing equipment, a keyboard… even a mandolin)… He loves using a looper because he does one-man-band shows with it. When he was little, we encouraged him to learn all kinds of things like this and now it is his passion. (Patting parents on the back…LOL). Music is extremely important to young people! My grandson got his first keyboard from US!

So there you go, Daisy! We bought our grandson a keyboard!


My family is full of musicians, all self taught. They sing, rap and play all kinds of instruments, including piano, guitar and drums and ones I’ve never seen before lol My nephew was just signed to a major record label this year and had the chance to record with Method Man (Rapper from a group called ( WuTang Clan).


Great News! Congratulations to your nephew.