A few questions

When a contest has been abandoned and SH is going to select a winner, do they consider best entry names with a low rating?

I’ve submitted my share of undesirable names, but I’ve also received the lowest rating possible only to find the winning name to be almost the same, more than once. How does that work?? I guess it’s whatever mood the CH is in. Anyway, is it worth marking an entry as “best” if it’s been rated a nah, or will it not be considered?

Also, I’ve read a few comments that lead me to believe people are seeing non winning entries. Is this possible in some contests? I’ve never been able to see any submissions but mine.

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I often wonder the same thing. Do other contestants see a list of others entries. Usually if mine turns up less than a 3 star rating I delete it. I feel that if it didn’t grab the ch’s attention enough to receive high marks at first glance, then it isn’t going to after a second review or so. I had rather delete a less than perfect name than run the risk of ending up with a nah. Just my thoughts.

SH use to have ‘open contests’ where you could see other creatives’ submissions but they did away with that months ago.

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To my knowledge, the only way any creative might know what someone else has entered is if you happen to submit a name that has already been submitted,so then of course since you know the name you were trying to submit, then you would know it was submitted by someone else also.

Otherwise, except in cases where CH’s unfortunately in the comments section or in their brief mention creative’s names that have been submitted (which happens now and again but is a big unfair no no) no one else is privvy to the names you submit other than you and the CH.
(Unless is is abandoned and goes to SH selection,where obviously they will look at high rated names and best entries.)

As far as choosing a nah as a best entry…I probably wouldn’t myself,as if the CH rejected your name it probably isn’t a good fit for the contest, and SH would likely look it at that way too.

Plus you are forfeiting 50 points every time you do a best entry…so I would consider if you want to use up your points on a name that probably isn’t going to work.

The only exception to that might be if the CH gave you a “love it” on a name at first, but during the narrowing down process demoted your score.But usually if that happens, they are still involved in the contest and will pick a winner themselves.