A Creative Name


There is something so exhilarating about finally getting chosen for a whimsical/artsy name that you love. How fun is that! Hadn’t had a win in months-- really thrilled. :gift:

How long were you playing before a name that you felt close to won a contest?


Congrats,Scout! I’ve had a bunch of names I love that I am glad if they eventually hit…but some although they get love its, seem to always be a bridesmaid! Lately I’ve had a few of mine be registered (by whom, I am not sure…so please know I am not accusing anyone) which makes me kick myself that I didn’t register it myself to protect it.


Congrats Scout!!! I’m so happy for you! You’re amazing, just like many here. And to answer the question, I’m still waiting. Just need to turn all these likes, loves, trending, and shortlists into a win someday. But I love to see all of the creative names that have won, especially when they are artsy and very creative.


Oh you definitely will. I saw you trending recently on a big ticket contest. I know you have talent in spades. Can’t wait to see your name on the winner wall. It’s going to happen!!


Congrats Scout!! I knew you would get a win soon!


Congrats to you, Scout!! Good for you!!!


Hi Hollygirl,
I have had the same experience with 4-5 of my names registered ( one shortly after a contest) which is so frustrating. One of them I am certain was taken by maybe a marketing person holding a contest but there is no way to prove it. So frustrating!!! Then again it could just be coincidence. I haven’t registered any names yet - Guess I have to sort out that now that I have enough points to do some…


I’ve had quite a number regd it does make your heart go plop! It’s just the way it is, I’ve had 3 in one contest go, a couple of times! Though its made me determined to start registering some of my names (when I get some money argh!!) Which is something I’d never ever thought about as a thing to do before SH so in one respect I’m grateful to have had my eyes opened to an opportunity I’d never considered. If I could just win a contest ha ha, cause like the money would Immediately be sucked up by my children or Xmas!!


Incidentally one that went looks according to the Who Is like it went to GoDaddy themselves which is weird, I was directed to go to afternic to see if it was for sale, which leads me to ask as I forgot, does anybody use a different website for checking or reging their names? Basically, who do you trust most?


[quote=“whiteisland, post:9, topic:2401”]
Incidentally one that went looks according to the Who Is like it went to GoDaddy themselves[/quote]
I’ve had a number of names that I first checked on GoDaddy, and later when I found they were taken, checked the WhoIs, and lo and behold, the owner was GoDaddy!!! :rage:

Don’t remember if it was this site or another one, but a Creative warned us to be careful, and she was right.

I now use: https://www.internic.net/whois.html to check on domains, when in doubt.


I have blue buttoned this very concern…but was told they did not think GoDaddy culls any of our names we check on their site. But I have had that happen many times too.


Congratulations @ScoutFinch on your win. I also have had a number of my entries registered. Frustrating!