A contest that reads on pause

I seen a couple contests where I can get on it but it reads. On Pause. Then it disappears? What’s going on with these? Just curious.

Hi Blue,
I believe it means that there is some problem between CH and SH admin. Maybe their payment hasn’t been received or some other office issues. But you can confirm with @Dan

Hi there!

If a contest is paused, it could mean a few different things are going on behind the scenes. It likely means that we are working on some issue with the CH. Sometimes it can be because of a payment issue, or other times it could be something else related to the setup of the contest. Other instances could be that the CH is close to deciding on a winner but there is still time left in the contest. The pause feature allows them to refrain from accepting more entries while they decide on a winner.

If you have questions about any specific contests, please contact the support team so we can provide you with an update. We are happy to get in touch with the CH for you.


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Thank @RachelSH. I figured as much. There is a current contest on pause. Lots of entries, so I figured they might be overwhelmed and trying to go through them all. However, they are still posting messages to the contest giving more information on what they want. Could it be that they aren’t sure how to remove the pause?

That could be possible, if you would like our support team to look into this you can private message the link/name of the contest. I’m happy to get in touch with the CH to see how things are going!


I feel “Paused contests” should be removed from the “Active” sorting/list of contests.


Oh, please let it be this! I have a 'love it" on this contest… never got that til now. lol