A concern or time of year ...?


I don’t know what it is, but I think many people are starting to be saving money for the holidays. Either that or there is something going on. Then again, it could just be an ebb and flow thing as well.

What am I talking about?

Perhaps I may be the only one that has noticed (though I doubt that with how most of us are), but it seems to be that more and more contests are coming in at the $150 (which is bad enough, in some cases for what some are asking for) or even the $100 (:scream::grimacing: which is worse given what most are asking for) levels. It’s mostly just an observation and kinda meant to be funny, of course, because it is the end of September and Holidays are celebrated by many in the next coming months. However, it’s also important as well.


Well, because it’s pointing to one of the areas of confusion I have had for some time and I thought I would talk about it with you all and see what you thought of it as well and any insight, advice, or maybe even suggestions on how to fix this if it is seen as an issue by anyone.

Allow me to elaborate …

As I have stated above, the reason that some of these contests can be frustrating and may even be a concern at a point, is the amount of work creatives are having to put in for the amount that is being awarded (and then even further keeping in mind – since it’s the MAIN foundation of SH-- that usually only one creative is going to get that amount. For the easy briefs that don’t provide a lot of information and are easy to figure out and even easy to get inspired and come up with a good half dozen or dozen names either immediately or over the course of the contest – the amount is perfect. However, there are contests that have more information or more complexity in their briefs, or take 22,000 turns and changes (asking for this, that, and the other and always want more more more, changing the brief, changing the type or style or whatever and may only ‘like’ entries if that the entire time), or ones that are in industries we may be lucky that 5 creatives on the entirety of SH understand. For these contests, does the pay really add up to be worth it at $100? Especially since one person gets that money in most cases, and it may not be you.

For me, I can’t answer this question in exact perspectives. I’m sure it may be the same for some of you as well. I know that it really depends on the contest, your mood at the time, how much you want the fun; challenge; and/or the money, and other factors. I’m just trying to make sense of how others feel about this and IF we should consider some types, formats, descriptions, activity levels of CHs, CHs amount of requests or types of requests, etc – a concern. If so, when we should do so?

I don’t know. I don’t even know if anything should, can, or even will be done about this at all. That’s why I am asking because as I have seen in the past, we all seem to be a bit linked in the way we think – so maybe I’m not alone in this inquiry or wondering. I’d really like to know other’s thoughts on this. Because I know I have experienced contests that I open, read, reacknowledge the amount and my possible chances of winning and I’m like Ducky off of The Land Before Time going, “Nope, Nope, Nope.” But if I am doing this, are you too? How many of us does it take doing that until it’s acknowledged as a potential concern?

Sure, there are going to be those dauntless creatives that dive in head first no matter the contest or the scope or the requests – so the contest will surely continue past those of us that ‘Ducky’ out but should it perhaps have been brought to the attention of SH? Is there merit in that? I mean, if nothing is brought up as an issue or concern, it isn’t seen as one – but at that end, if it is, is there anything to be done about it? Is it something that should even be brought up? I mean, I know SH can’t say, “You’re not offering enough money for what you’re expecting of the creatives.” That would be wrong, maybe on many levels, and not to mention striving away from their main goal and purpose. But, perhaps something could be done. That is, if it is an issue, or one worth fixing at least.

Some testimonials have brought up amount of entries, or quality of entries in the past and I wonder if these situations could have existed because of the amount of the contest versus what they were asking, the direction they were seeking, the level of their engagement, and all the things that go hand in hand to make our time worth it. Could their experience have been fixed if they had known that these things affect many things? I just want CHs to find what they are looking for, but it is stressful to creatives to give them such with the aforementioned things being factors.

Then again, it could just be me. I’d be interested in hearing thoughts, advice, or anything here on if anyone else sees how this may be a concern to anyone else and if so what may be able to be done about it. And if it’s not a concern, maybe just some advice on what you do to navigate such situations?


Hi @rareworthy
I don’t have a whole lot of advice to offer on your concerns. All I can say is I don’t participate as much as I used to. My mind seems to be running into a creative crash as of recent. Alot of the time I will read the brief, if nothing stands out in my creative style. .I just skip it until I find one I feel I may have a chance at. Sorry I don’t have something concrete to offer on your points :unamused:


Well, I see all of your points and here’s what I think for what it is worth. We didn’t use to have $300+ contests much and certainly not at the quantity we have them now PLUS guaranteed contests. The CH’s pay far more than the $100 award we receive (minus $10) and they know that the level they choose helps to dictate the response. So we creatives decide… basically… if we aren’t up for searching for hours for 4 letter name for $100 then we have to move on. I guess what I am saying is the response they receive is sort of the answer to your question. The flip side is that those contests have a lot less entries and more chances for us to win. I also think we’ve had a dramatic increase in the amount of contests overall since I started here and I know the contestants who have been here a long time received $50 a contest in the beginning.

I know in the past that creatives have suggested to SH that they look at these issues in pricing. But the sad fact is that customers can just go to “Wecreatelowsynames.com” (fictitious I hope) and try that so it needs to be offered. We have told SH that we believe some contest requests are “premium” requests, though.

Did any of that make sense? Kinda rambling…


I don’t have a problem with the $100 contests, other than it’s very discouraging to see one with 70+ names shortlisted and know, if the contest is abandoned, the payouts will be minuscule.


I would prefer 70 names shortlisted than to have 3 or 4 brief changes a day and 4 or 5 emails a day about what they like and don’t like and every single rating is still a NO THANK YOU. :slight_smile:


Sometimes this is all a crapshoot anyway. I have not won on contests where I thought I had a perfect name,and won on contests that I thought I just took a shot in the dark and didn’t even know I was a contender. Bottom line…the ones that interest me and seem to fit my style more, I invest more time in,and the others I will throw in a name or two to test them out, or skip. The ones that aren’t guaranteed, don’t rate or reject about everything, won’t answer questions or give more info when asked,change the brief direction every two seconds,use profanity or are abrasive,are a subject I know nothing about, etc etc I just skip, as I don’t want to invest my time there.
Luckily we have so many contests all the time coming in that if you skip one, there’s a bunch more to chose from. It can be fickle here and you just have to be willing to ride it out. Since I came back from taking a few weeks off, I have luckily gotten a bunch of love its and shortlisted names…but so far not a single win this month.I have been in a cycle where all the contests I am doing well in seem to get abandoned or are taking their time choosing a winner.Then as ALDaisy1 pointed out, after all my hard work, I see the chance of a payoff being probably reduced to a couple of bucks when they split it in infinitesimal portions.That bothers me more than the $100 contests.And contests over $100 not too long ago were very rare. We see so many more of them now.
The good thing is,you are not required to enter any contest you don’t choose to, or continue naming if it takes a turn you don’t like. When I first came here…the contests were $50 which to me was crazy for the amount of work you did…but SH has changed and grown along the way, listening to and accommodating us in many ways from the input from the creatives.Even though I too have my frustrations at times, and go thru cycles where this gig is my “nonprofit” as my hubby likes to say…it has also given me opportunities to make money that I didn’t have before,all the while staying home and working when I want. So I am grateful.


@Arnet Yes, any positive ratings is certainly better than no one getting anywhere. Especially when Creatives are begging for direction and get nothing but “clever and clear”.


[quote=“rareworthy, post:1, topic:2323”]
I know SH can’t say, “You’re not offering enough money for what you’re expecting of the creatives.”[/quote]
I certainly hear ya on this point, RW - It seems the most demanding people offer the least amount of prize $$$$ :confused:

However, as someone else stated, we can always choose to skip those projects, and concentrate on the $300 ones. :wink:


Same here, Holly. There’s still some time before the month is over and I’ve noticed CHs declare winners at the end of the month or on Fridays more but there’s not much month left. If I win no contests this month, it will be the first time since I started on SH a year and a half ago. I know that lots of people don’t win every month but I have and I’ve maintained an average that I have been happy with but this month I am concerned. My average has kept me going here. I used to be sustained at times by splits but, well…

Anyway, here’s to winning before the end of the month! :wine_glass:


That’s really good! I didn’t win at all for the first two months I was naming here. But luckily I’ve learned the ropes some, and haven’t been completely shut out from winning for a long time. This might be the first month,if things don’t change soon.I only worked half the month this month, though…so I guess I can’t be too disappointed if I don’t have any wins this time.But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed! Best of luck!


[quote=“Commulinks, post:9, topic:2323”]
Anyway, here’s to winning before the end of the month! :wine_glass:[/quote]
I’m a teetotaler, but I’ll even “drink to that” :wink:


I LOVE OPPORTUNITY to be able to PARTICIPATE in the contests… I have never done this before and I find it actually mentally stimulating like a crossword puzzle or a brain teaser… And I look at the benefits of working hard because it allows me to be able to fund my animal rescue and with each CONTEST and the more I challenge myself with participation or as many times as a CH may change direction it keeps me on my toes and makes me think a bit deeper!!!


And you are REALLY good at it, Vive!!!


I am trying :slight_smile: It really seems it takes time to find your vibe and a cycle and once you do … it makes things easier… but still challengiing!!! I lOVE THE CHALLENGE!!!


THANK YOU Commulinks