A Concern About a Contest

Hi @Dan

I’m probably being very cynical but there is an active contest going that has me concern about the CH’s legitimacy.

IT’s Contest #4852 ‘Pet Sitting / Pet Care Service Business’ contest. The CH is active on the discussion board urging Creatives to come up with names from one spectrum, and then to another, and again to something completely different. The CH has even posted someone’s work which could be scooped by those looking to cash in on domain names. This, and with the repeated requests from several of the Creatives to star names so we can see what direction s/he would like us to go,( s/he has starred very few) have gone unheeded, has me concerned about domain harvesting. I might be totally out in left field on this, I hope I am, but it has made me uneasy. Could you check it? Thanks in advance


ive done most of what hes asking for as have other people so no idea whats going on with this one - hes asking us to do things we already did- but hasnt rated any


I always wish that CH’s would bother rating the entries. But I didn’t see that they posted someone’s work anywhere.
I think CH’s constantly take us in different difrections because they are not really sure what they want, and are just thinking out loud. Personally I prefer when the CH thinks out loud, rather than the competitions that get no ratings and no interaction from the CH at all, and then of course the comp has no picked winner. Those are the ones I wish I never wasted any time on! :slight_smile:

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Hi, @LauraE

In connection with forwarding a french-inspired entry to this contest on its first day i was informed by the CH that the owner was french,which may explain prolonged silence and a lack of further activity on his part afterwards.

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I wouldnt say hes silent - hes asking for things we already gave him but ignored

@Jose It’s very frustrating for sure…

@SMJ110 There were two names, but they were unrelated to the the original brief. I surmise that direction came out of private conversations.

I love the interaction too (as well with you guys :), that’s why it’s so frustrating to see the feedback on the board, but no ratings on our names. Alarm bells started going off in my head :smile:

Let’s pray that s/he will return to surprise us!

Hi @Vision

Ah, that would explain things. I sent a PM to the CH, but never heard back. Good luck with your name!

As long as you’re on the subject, the ecommerce-one-word name contest would concern me even more, particularly with it being “non-guaranteed”. As often advised from SH about having concerning feelings toward a contest, I’ll take heed and just sit this one out.