$99 Logo/Business Card Contests

In my opinion, $99 is an amazing deal for a logo alone and I’d like to suggest for future contests that have multiple design requirements such as a logo and business card that they start at $150 and $99 contests be reserved for contests requiring simply a logo or a business card design (not both). That to me still feels like a great deal for a tight budget and makes it more worthwhile for creatives.

There are several amazing designers on this site and though I can not really speak for others I’m not sure how many of them are going to want to get involved in contests that have a minimal budget and multiple design requirements.

So I offer this up as a suggestion but would love to know what other designers feel as well.

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I’m not a designer, but I am blown away by the work and creativity that go into the winning designs. They would seem to be worth more than $99!

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@LynnParks, valid point. We are enhancing our offering for Logo and other design contests, and we will be increasing the min award amounts for them. We will share an update once we have modified the pricing.

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Any update sir regarding increasing the min prize money for a logo designing contest ?

@LiGhtT and @LynnParks, we have revised our pricing for logo contests and the minimum award for logo contests would be $150 going forward. We have also revised the pricing for silver and gold packages for Logo contests, which will now carry an award prize of $200 and $250 respectively.

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Thanks a lot :blush:

Thank you @Dan, for taking our suggestions into consideration and keeping us updated. It is most appreciated!