3 months and still counting

Has anyone been shortlisted for a contest that has lasted for 3 months? I mean I love the names I submitted but can’t submit them to other contests cos they are shortlisted. For a contest to last 3 months and still counting… That’s a long time


Yes, I had one that went 6-7 months.
My longest ones out right now are a year and then 4 months.
Hang in there!


This happened to me with my first contest on SH over a year ago. Three months and counting while my shortlisted name was effectively prevented from being entered to other contests. I was surprised at the time to see that contest end by being Abandoned. I’m not surprised now, as my experience has been that most contests that go on, and on…, almost invariably end this way. I usually check the activity monitor for the CH (bottom right of the contest page). If it shows they haven’t been active on the contest for some months, then that’s a good indicator that they’ve walked away.

An issue I’ve run into a few times recently with these lengthy contests, is that sometimes my available Loved domain submissions are registered during this Pending period. I don’t mean the CH has registered it, I can see that someone outside SH has done this. Sometimes even with a website up and running while the CH is still spinning their wheels. The only time I feel like pulling my hair out is when the (not SH contest) website is pretty much along the lines that the contest brief outlined. Which means my submission was a great fit for that brief, even if the CH let it slip through their fingers!


Woah! That’s a long time :confused:. Don’t you think SH should do something about contests that lasts that long?


Thanks. It is quite annoying I guess :joy:. I mean taking like a quarter of a year to pick a winner


I’m confused. Αren’t they suppose to close guaranteed unrewarded/abandoned contests within 30 days? Why is it taking so long? I have been here for just two months and there are two contests where I was shortlisted (together with other entries) but it’s been 2 months and nada. I guess we’ll have to wait more.



That is normal here, some contests are not awarded for months. Every time CH contacts SH they can postpone winner selection. You’ll get used to it. What you can do is - pay no attention to pending contests, participate new ones.


Yep, the longest I have waited is 6 months.